Chip Wells

Chip Wells has over 20 years of experience in implementing theoretical and applied econometrics using the SAS programming language and SAS Solutions. He is a Manger in the SAS Education Division where he instructs and consults with analysts from the Federal Government and the Financial, Healthcare and Transportation industries. He was previously a Principal Analytic Consultant in the SAS Advanced Analytics Lab where he developed solutions that focus on time series analysis of financial variables and on building forecast models using sentiment data. He's co-author of the book Applied Data Mining and Forecasting Using SAS. Chip holds a Ph.D. in Economics and a MA in Economics with a Statistics Minor from North Carolina State University. His Dissertation was published in 2008 by VDM (Verlag).

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SAS introduces the blended classroom

We all have different learning styles. Some learn best by seeing and doing; others by listening to lectures in a traditional classroom; still others simply by diving in and asking questions along the way. Traditional face-to-face classroom instruction, real-time classes over the Internet, or self-paced instruction with exercises, SAS Education