Terry Barham
Manager, SAS Global Certification

Terry is Manager of the SAS Global Certification program. He has an extensive background in the development and operation of high-stakes certification programs in the IT industry as well as experience in the development and delivery of technical training.

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Are SAS practice exams worth the cost?

A SAS practice exam can help you prepare for SAS certification. Practice exams are similar in difficulty, objectives, length, and design of the actual exam. While there's no guarantee that passing the practice exam will result in passing the actual exam, they can help you determine how prepared you are for an exam.

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SAS Certification at Analytics 2014

Attending an industry conference requires an investment in time away from the office and maximizing that investment makes a lot of sense.  In addition to gaining insight into challenges facing the analytics industry today,  discovering and evaluating new products and services, and networking with the largest gathering of analytics professionals

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SAS Certifications are in demand

The demand for SAS Certifications has never been bigger. The number of SAS Certifications awarded has doubled over the last three years and in August the program had its biggest month ever with 1,195 certifications awarded. Here’s another impressive stat. More than 59,000 SAS Certifications have been awarded since the

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Get SAS certified at SAS Global Forum 2012

SAS Global Forum 2012 is fast approaching and attendees want to make sure they make the most of their time away from their job. In addition to the opportunity to network with thousands of SAS professionals, attend hands-on workshops and demonstrations and choose from more than 300 paper presentations, attendees