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SAS users are always looking for ways to optimize, maximize, and prioritize just about everything.  And that includes the precious commodity of time away from the office, even for users at a premier event like SAS Global Forum.  Sure attendees get to learn and share with the best and brightest minds around and investigate new techniques and tools that can directly improve how they work and how their company can help customers.  To make even better use of their time, dozens of attendees also took advantage of the opportunity to challenge a SAS Certification exam right at the conference site.

At major SAS events such as SAS Global Forum and the Analytics Experience series, the SAS Global Certification program offers multiple SAS exam sessions for attendees, usually at a 50% discount.  Here in Las Vegas, two exam sessions were offered on the day before the forum on Monday, April 18.  More than 80 attendees took a SAS exam while they were here.  As you can imagine, SAS users attending the forum are highly motivated individuals which resulted in a significant number earning a SAS credential.  What a great way for someone to get a jump start on their SAS Global Forum experience.

Kriss Harris shares his SAS certification story on camera at SAS Global Forum

Next up?  The Analytics Experience 2016 to be held at the Bellagio hotel in Las Vegas September 12-14.  This time the SAS Global Certification program will be offering three exam sessions – two on Sunday, September 11 and one on Monday morning, September 12.  If you are planning on attending and you have been wanting to take a certain exam, why not maximize your time away from the office and do both?  Maybe you will leave the Analytics Experience 2016 not just smarter, but SAS certified. Maximize your conference experience by getting SAS certified #SASGF Click To Tweet

Here's a short video with more information about the certification program, including interviews from test takers at SAS Global Forum 2016. 



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