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Wouldn’t it be nice if you could take your next SAS exam from home? Or from your office? Or maybe even a hotel room? Well, now you can. We have partnered with Pearson VUE to offer Online Proctored for all public SAS exams. Online Proctored allows you to conveniently and easily take an exam from most locations, while being monitored over the internet by professionally-trained Pearson VUE proctors.

Of course, there are conditions. For example, your computer must have a webcam and microphone and meet other technical requirements. And there is an internet connectivity test. See the full requirements and instructions on how to run a system check here.

Ready to give it a shot? You schedule an Online Proctored exam just like any other SAS exam. There is no difference in the exam content and pricing is the same. See the SAS Global Certification website for more details.


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Terry Barham

Manager, SAS Global Certification

Terry is Manager of the SAS Global Certification program. He has an extensive background in the development and operation of high-stakes certification programs in the IT industry as well as experience in the development and delivery of technical training.

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  1. Hi Terry,

    I will take the base programming exam this week. Can I use the virtual software and SAS studio via Mac OS to take this exam? If not, which software is needed? Thank you in advance!

  2. Michele Giulianelli on

    Hi Terry, I need to do in the next few days the Base Programming for SAS 9.4 (A00-231) online with MAC computer and, even if all the system tests were ok, the email SAS sent me still has the "Reminder: Macs are not supported for this exam. Please review technical requirements listed at https://pearsonvue.com/sas/op".
    Could you please confirm that it is possible to use MAC (Big Sur)?
    Thanks in advance.

    • Thanks for letting us know. That message was removed earlier but has somehow snuck back in. We will have it removed. Macs are OK.

  3. Be real careful if you choose this option and are still in lockdown AND live in a small apartment AND/OR have a baby. There is a chance that the proctoring system will kick you out.
    I asked Pearson VUE regarding this matter, but there are no special the considerations because of the pandemic.
    If you are in a similar situation, plan ahead and go somewhere quiet or wait until you can safely go to a testing center.

  4. got 'You are almost done with the check-in process' notice at 10:15am ... waited till 11:01am and still did not hear a word . I give up .. now need to wait for another 5 days to hear response to reschedule the exam .... no more words....

  5. can you tell me why the MAC cannot do sas exam online? I try to run the system and it works, but my friends told me that the system was frozen during the exam. Most of people use MAC laptop, why the system went through the test system if the MAC should not be used?

    • Terry Barham on

      Macs may encounter issues when taking a Performance-based exam such as the SAS Certified Specialist: Base Programming for SAS 9.4. When someone schedules a Performance-based exam, the confirmation email that is sent out states that Mac OS is not supported. We do hope to have support for Mac OS for Performance-based exams in the near future. The majority of exam attempts from home that we have seen are on PC.

      • Please reply to my message
        I plan to take Base Programming for SAS 9.4 (A00-231) online with MAC computer tomorrow. Is MAC supported now? It count as my final exam for my course so I really need a response. Thank you

  6. Sorry to hear you had difficulties with your Online Proctored exam session. We will reach out to you for details and try to determine what happened. Many candidates use the Online Proctored option to take exams from home or office and are able to do so successfully.

  7. This exam at home is not working well for me. I registered Base exam at 12:00 PM eastern time on Nov.13, 2019. I logged in the account 15 minutes before the 12:00 PM and finished the system test. The system test passed but no exam showed up. I called the Pearson support center but the have the worst customer service and no one can and willing to solve the problem for me.

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