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Students showcase power of open data to help government

Open data is critical to research, particularly at universities. The many university students that attend SAS Global Forum bring an energy and vitality to the conference that is unmistakable. They’re everywhere…in sessions, social activities, out on the town and, of course, the academic events. This year, 150 of them graced

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¿Conoce a SAS Viya?

Esta es una historia típica en la solución de problemas en las industrias de cualquier giro, con una solución que todos han escuchado, pero no lo aplican por falta de información. Hoy conocerá a SAS VIYA, el complemento perfecto que lo introducirá en un mundo completamente nuevo de analítica para

Mike Gilliland 0
2017 SAS/IIF forecasting research grants

For the fifteenth year, the International Institute of Forecasters, in collaboration with SAS®, is proud to announce research grants for how to improve forecasting methods and business forecasting practice. The award for the 2017-2018 year will be two $5,000 grants, in Business Applications and Methodology. Criteria for the award of

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Tülay Stecher 0
Schnellstatistiken auf die Hand

Die letzten Jahre zeigen deutlich, wie rasant das Datenaufkommen in den Unternehmen wächst. Laut einer Prognose von Statista wird das Volumen der jährlich generierten digitalen Datenmenge weltweit in den kommenden 5 Jahren um das 5-fache (in Exabyte) steigen. Dies stellt sowohl die IT als auch die Fachbereiche vor immense Herausforderungen.

Michael Herrmann 0
EU-Datenschutz-Grundverordnung: Wieso jetzt handeln?

Ab 2018 verschärft die EU massiv den Datenschutz. Betroffen ist weltweit jedes Unternehmen, das EU-Bürgern etwas anbietet, ihr Kauf&Klick-Verhalten analysiert oder im Auftrag verarbeitet. Erste Projekte sind bereits gestartet, um die geforderten „angemessenen Maßnahmen“ real auch nachweisen zu können. Denn hohe Strafen und schlechte Presse lauern. Es lockt das Vertrauen

Mike Henderson 0
Reproducible research: Is my SAS code enough?

There was this very embarrassing day around year six of my career as a statistician working in clinical trials. I had a small group of interns working on a project that combined data from multiple clinical trials. The goal was to better understand sources of variation in the common control

Risk Management
Ian Jones 0
All quiet on the Barnett Front

The Barnett Shale in North Texas hit a historic mark on April 25: Its rig count fell to zero. Two hundred rigs once harvested the 40 trillion cubic feet of natural gas in this massive basin, stretching beneath 17 Texas counties. Today, nothing. This dramatic silence in North America’s second-largest

David Pope 0
A punny post to celebrate SAS analytics

I've worked at SAS for quite awhile, and people always want to know more about SAS, especially it's great work environment.  In response to those questions, I've written this story full of SAS product and programming puns to describe how SAS has evolved over time and remains LASR focused on helping

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