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Decisions first!

I moved to Australia from Belgium two months ago for a short-term assignment. I am very concerned by the exchange rate. My dollars have lost over 15% of their value in euros and I share my frustration around me. People tell me, "Just wait, it cannot stay so low, the

Data Visualization
Ian Jones 0
Time for VirtualOil 2.0?

Since our last VirtualOil update in May, oil prices have continued to take a beating. As the chart of the rolling five-year portfolio shows, much of our strip of options is now out-of-the-money and the average value per barrel of that optionality has sunk below $7. No surprise then that

John Boswell 0
US Senate takes up fight against patent trolls

With the recent introduction of the Protecting American Talent and Entrepreneurship (PATENT Act), the US Senate set aside partisan politics to take on a problem that plagues all industries, but especially high-tech. In front of Congress, in the media and in a previous blog post, I have decried the current

Stefan Ahrens 0
SAS und Hadoop - was bisher geschah

SAS und Hadoop: Immer mehr Unternehmen stellen Überlegungen zum Einsatz von Hadoop als Framework für verteiltes Speichern und Verarbeiten großer Datenmengen an. Gerade für das Speichern von un- oder semistrukturierten Daten wie soziale Medien, Blogs, Foren, Online-Shops oder maschinengenerierte Sensordaten bietet sich diese Plattform an. Natürlich besteht häufig der Wunsch,

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