Congratulations to Rick Wicklin for 10 Years of The Do Loop


Congratulations to Rick Wicklin for 10 Years of The Do Loop

Rick Wicklin

Rick Wicklin, author of The Do Loop

I want to take a moment to congratulate my colleague Rick Wicklin on the 10th Anniversary of his blog, The Do Loop.

Rick is Distinguished Researcher in Computational Statistics at SAS, and our most prolific blogger with nearly 1,200 posts. It isn't just the quantity of his blogs which distinguishes him -- it is the quality of his content. With apologies to Sum 41, Rick's blogs are "all killer no filler." While industry benchmarks show 3 minutes is a really good time-on-page average, the average time-on-page for The Do Loop is over 7 minutes!

Thanks to Rick and all he contributes to the fields of statistical and computational algorithms, statistical graphics, simulation, efficiency, and data analysis -- and please check out The Do Loop.


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