Let’s celebrate 40 years of SAS users


Let’s go back to 1976 for a moment. Did you know that was the year Muhammad Ali introduced a line of beauty products called “Knock Out?” And the hottest merchandise, including t-shirts, posters and even beanbags sported the character Arthur Fonzarelli (The Fonz) of TV’s “Happy Days.”

But there was something that debuted in 1976 that wasn’t a fad – SAS.

On July 1, 1976 SAS opened its doors for business in Raleigh, North Carolina. Take a look at the first office.


We’re so excited to be celebrating our 40th anniversary here at SAS. But it’s not really about us; the biggest part of the celebration is you.

Our customers and your innovative work are a big part of our history – and the most exciting thing about our future. That’s why we’re celebrating you!

Celebrating you in July

Every Friday in July, we’ll feature a special offer for our SAS users. The discounts will include specials on training, certification, books and SAS events.

How do you get these rewards?

  • Follow us on Twitter @SASSoftware or Facebook.
  • Watch these social channels each Friday in July to see the special offers. It’s that easy!

Today, I'll give you the inside scoop for Friday’s offer! When you order from the SAS Bookstore from July 1-July 7, you’ll get 40% off using code OTFPBSP.

Thank you for being part of our history, and celebrating the past and future together.


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Maggie Miller

Education and Training

+ Maggie Miller was formerly a communications specialist at SAS. You'll likely find her writing blogs, shooting videos and sharing it all on social media. She has nearly ten years of journalism experience that she brings to her writing to help you learn and grow with SAS. Follow on Twitter @maggiemiller0

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  1. Jan Gjestvang-Lucky
    Jan Gjestvang-Lucky on

    Ayyyy! Are you implying The Fonz is a fad?!? What you talkin' 'bout, Willis? ;)
    Nice post - SAS does seem to have more staying power, and has certainly never jumped the shark!

  2. Arie Oudshoorn on

    Oops, missed the first six years. Only a users since 1982 :)
    And still going strong!

  3. Doc Muhlbaier on

    The first version of SAS that I used was SAS 76 on the IBM 360 mainframe (My current PC has more computing power!) with punch cards. A colleague from NC State had used SAS 72 (the version developed under the original NSF grant) and introduced me to it at Duke. It was a huge improvement relative to the other products available at the time.

    • Maggie Miller
      Maggie Miller on

      We're so excited about it! There are some really good rewards in store for SAS users. You won't want to miss out.

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