What to expect when you take SAS training: Before, during and after


You’ve chosen the right class, added-to-cart, and hit submit.

You’re committed – now what?

Once you book a class with us, no matter the format, you can expect an email confirming your request within 24 hours. For instructor-led training courses, a reminder email is sent 3-5 days before the course is set to begin providing access to the course notes and instructions on what will happen the first day. SAS Live Web course instructions include tasks to perform to ensure your system is set up properly. If you’re taking in-person, classroom training, you can expect an email with guidelines for the specific training center location with the address and travel or parking tips.

For e-Learners, you can start right away! Your confirmation email will give you a link to your personal My Training page where you’ll log in to access your training – anytime, anywhere.

Depending on the course level, you may be asked if you’ve met all the prerequisites. Maybe you’ll even take a training assessment. We’re always available to answer your questions and want you to be 100% satisfied with your course, so reach out and we’ll be sure you’re in the correct class.

The time has come – class is starting.

First day jitters? Nah, we’ve got you covered. The reminder email you’ll receive has all the tools you need to get started. So, relax and just show up! SAS instructors are some of the best teachers in the business – and you can be assured they know their stuff. You’ll learn tips and tricks, even when they’re reviewing familiar content!

Live Web classes are as interactive as traditional classroom training. With our state-of-the-art technology, you’ll interact with the instructor and classmates throughout the course and have access to a virtual lab with the software and data. As you noticed when you registered, the class layout varies – sometimes you have full-day training and sometimes the class is split into half-day sessions over a longer time period. Always check the times to be sure you log in to the right time zone.

One of the greatest things about SAS instructors is their diversity – we really love to encourage uniqueness, so our classes vary a bit. Each instructor has their own way of breaking down the course, and much of it will depend on you, the students who make up the class. So, be ready to speak up and share what you know, what you don’t, and what you want to accomplish.

What remains the same across the board is the fact that you’ll undoubtedly walk away with several ah-ha moments. Expect lectures interspersed with mathematical details on the algorithms used in the demos. You’ll have quizzes and exercises that take it to the next level. Don’t worry, there’s always room for Q&A, and the instructors make themselves available 30 minutes before and after class to answer questions. And, we’re all human, so expect some breaks. Full-day classes will also have a lunch hour.

As you approach the end of your training, reflect on and realize the accomplishments you’ve achieved – including all the new SAS skills you have to show off!

Success! You finished the course.

But that doesn’t mean the fun ends!

That’s right, you’ve only scratched the surface – to really solidify your skills, you must use what you learned. Most classes have Extended Learning Pages, which you’ll get access to in your Thank you email after class. As you practice your newfound knowledge you may have questions. While you probably have someone at work who can assist, most instructors encourage students to email them when questions arise.

If you were part of an onsite course or just have a group of people working on similar tasks, it might be a good idea to schedule a mentoring session with an instructor. While this is not free, it’s invaluable to see SAS in action using your own data.

There are plenty of other great resources available free of charge, right at your fingertips.

  • SAS Communities is a great place to go for discussion boards – search for a topic or start your own thread.
  • Subscribe to the SAS Users YouTube channel. There are tons of amazing videos done by our subject matter experts and some renowned guests. New content is released every other Monday.
  • Find your path – with so many amazing instructors, we’re bound to have lots to offer. Check out all our learning paths and pick what’s right for you.

So, track your progress, earn Learn Badges and prepare for a globally recognized SAS Certification. Then, see where it leads.


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    Thanks for such wonderful information. I have recently certified myself in Base SAS to switch my career and looking for jobs but I lack experience on my resume which is a huge roadblock. How can I get experience without working in a real environment? What is your suggestion? Can you please guide me?

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