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Last week I presented a SAS Talks session for SAS programmers using SAS Enterprise Guide 4.3. It was well attended, which pleased me. You never know how it's going to go with a webinar. People register and sign in, but they are at their desks in their offices/cubicles/homes where distractions abound; how can we tell if the attendees are really paying attention and learning anything?

I'd say it's obvious that the participants were paying close attention during the talk. There were over 100 content-related questions asked via our chat-like Q&A window, and our designated panel of experts was overwhelmed by the volume. I'm working on summarizing those questions right now, and I'll post the questions and answers on our support site later this week.

If you missed the presentation, don't worry. We'll have a recording of the session available as well, and you can watch it at your leisure (assuming that's what you like to do for leisure).


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  1. I've often thought the chat q&a streams from webinars could be edited into a nice Q&A blog post series. What do you think. Would it work for this one?

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