New Goodies for SAS Programmers: View it now


Millions of Americans will be gathering around the television this Sunday to watch Super Bowl XLV. They'll gather in bars and private homes, prepare billions of calories worth of snacks, and root for their favorite teams.

But if you're looking for an alternate form of entertainment, why not watch "New Goodies for the SAS Programmer in SAS Enterprise Guide"? It's educational and family friendly; I promise that it doesn't feature any racy advertisements.

The recording of this SAS Talks webinar is now available for anyone to view. During the live session last week, we received lots of questions via the Q&A chat panel. These have been answered and summarized on this follow-up page for the webinar, which includes links to many other related resources.

If, after watching it, you have more questions, you can cruise over to the SAS Enterprise Guide discussion forum and ask the community. I'm not sure how many of them will be signed in this Sunday evening...perhaps only those that are Buffalo Bills fans like me.


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