Top 5 SAS Talks webinars from 2013


It’s hard to believe it is almost February. The office is buzzing with all of the great things coming up in 2014 especially SAS Global Forum in just two months. But before we move too fast, I was thinking about 2013 and what really worked. The SAS Talks technical webinar series popped into my head. With over a dozen live webinars produced in 2013,  SAS users, authors and experts covered a plethora of topics—all of which are archived and ready for viewing when you need them.

The SAS Talks webinar series will continue to expand in 2014, but first let’s review the top 5 SAS Talks webinars from 2013.

  1. Introduction to Custom Tasks in SAS® Enterprise Guide -- Our #1 SAS Talks in 2013 focuses on SAS Enterprise Guide and is presented by Chris Hemedinger, author of the SAS Dummy Blog.
  2. Tips and Techniques for SAS® Enterprise Miner™ -- All SAS Enterprise Miner users would benefit from viewing this archived webinar that comes in at #2 on our list.
  3. How to Integrate SAS and Teradata -- This webinar explores the nuts and bolts of integrating SAS with Teradata. No wonder it comes up on our top 5 list with this hot topic. 
  4.  What's Hot, What's Not - Skills for SAS Professionals -- Kirk Lafler, a SAS user since 1979, shares two hot topics in the world of SAS professionals including a discussion around SAS® Enterprise Guide and hash techniques. 
  5. Getting Started with SAS Graph Template Language -- SAS R&D Director and author, Sanjay Matange, presents an overview of ODS Graphics as well as details needed to use GTL for creating custom analytical graphics.

I wonder which SAS Talks webinar is your favorite from 2013--and what made it your favorite?  Was it the format?  The presenter?  The topic?  What topics do you want to see in future SAS Talks? Please comment and share your ideas! 


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