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I’m happy to announce that Web Development with SAS by Example, Third Edition by seasoned SAS Press author Frederick Pratter will be available in June! Frederick has worked tirelessly to update the book, which has substantial changes from the second edition. In Frederick’s words, “practically everything has changed since the second edition was published nearly five years ago.”

As Frederick mentions in his most recent interview with Authorline:“This is the book that everyone has been waiting for. It attempts to achieve two goals: first, to organize the options for Web programming into an understandable framework and second, to show how the available SAS tools fit into this framework.”

So, if you purchased either of the previous editions of this book, you’ll definitely want to buy the third edition!

And on a personal note, I’d like to mention that I’ve had the pleasure of being Frederick’s editor for all three editions of his book, and I have thoroughly enjoyed working with him over the last eight years, and I have especially enjoyed his sense of humor!

You can view a new and free on-demand Webinar from Frederick Pratter on Web Development with SAS and preorder his upcoming book.


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