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SAS Author Spotlight: Derek Morgan

SAS Author Derek Morgan is a programming rock star… in more ways than one. Not only has he been a professional SAS programmer in the pharmaceutical industry for almost 30 years and written two editions of The Essential Guide to SAS® Dates and Times, Derek also plays electric bass in

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Top 3 benefits of writing a SAS book

Many colleagues and customers at SAS Global Forum ask me, why I write books beside having a full-time job as SAS consultant and being lecturer at universities. Valid question. SUSTAINABILITY. I have been working in so many analysis projects in different domains and industries. Some of them were longer, others were

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Five tips from Simulating Data with SAS

Data simulation is a fundamental technique in statistical programming and research. My book Simulating Data with SAS is an accessible how-to book that describes the most useful algorithms and the best programming techniques for efficient data simulation in SAS. Here are five lessons you can learn by reading it: Learn strategies

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The New Normal is Strange

The first time I used the Internet it blew my mind. As a diplomat brat, at any point in time everyone I knew was everywhere but where I was. Thanks the miracles of Gopher, Veronica, IRC and email, the tyranny of distance didn’t seem so oppressive any more. When I

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Write a book for SAS

Have you written a popular SAS Global Forum paper? Have you shared a winning case study with your colleagues? Have you talked about a cool, new feature you found in SAS? Well, share it with the world! SAS Press can help you share your knowledge and expertise worldwide. We’ve published

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Working on “stuff that matters”

“It’s not about how much money you make but to work on stuff that matters," according to Tim O’Reilly, founder of O'Reilly Media. At the recent Tools of Change conference, Tim O’Reilly mentioned during his keynote that writers tend to be motivated to work on “stuff that matters.” Through SAS

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