5 Reasons to write your first SAS Press book


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Ever thought about writing your own SAS or JMP book? Here are a few reasons why writing a SAS Press book can be a fantastic career move!

1.      Your book establishes you as an expert and enhances your credibility

Being recognized as a subject-matter expert or thought leader is beneficial if you’re looking to gain more media attention for yourself. If you see yourself as more of a thought leader than a programmer, SAS Press has partnered with Wiley for the Wiley and SAS Business Series to publish thought leadership titles and high-level business concept books.

Mike Gilliland and Udo Sglavo with their Wiley Business Series title, Business Forecasting: Practical Problems and Solutions

2.      Your book helps promote and nurture your digital self

Consider a book as a launch pad for a whole host of social media and web credibility opportunities. We have social media specialists to drive the content, and with it your digital persona, helping nurture and develop your professional digital self––keeping it fresh and in the public eye.

3.      Your book can be your business card.

While you’re working at the office, your book can be out working as well, helping you grow your audience, teaching people, and building your reputation as an authority in your field. Use your book to start or further conversations with new or existing SAS customers, or like-minded professionals. At meetings and conferences, you can use your book as your business card! Your book can lead to more career opportunities.A book can really enhance a career by generating new opportunities and enhancing existing ones. Whether it’s speaking engagements, teaching classes, or webinars, everyone wants the person who “wrote the book” to come speak to them firsthand!

4.      Your book royalties provide additional income

You’ll always make far more in opportunities that a book can bring than in the book itself (unless you have a national bestseller), but you can still count on some income from the sales of the book. Via our SAS bookstore, national resellers, and global booksellers, your book will reach a worldwide audience in print and e-book formats!

5.      Your book can help other SAS and JMP users

The biggest reason to write a book is that SAS books enhance the skills and careers of SAS users. Sharing your knowledge helps them grow!

In the classroom with Jane Eslinger’s The SAS® Programmer’s PROC REPORT Handbook

The first step in writing a book is deciding to take that first leap of faith! Watch this short video for helpful advice from first-time SAS Press authors to anyone thinking about writing their first book.

Learn more about how to submit a book proposal.

Too Busy to Write? Review Instead!

If you have technical and teaching abilities but are too busy to write a book, we are always looking for qualified technical reviewers to help with our book development process! Reviewers receive a copy of the book when it’s published, book credit to be used in the SAS Store, and much gratitude from SAS and SAS Press authors for your help! Learn more about how to review one of our books.



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  1. Brenna,

    Nice article! I cannot agree more with reason #5 Your book can help other SAS and JMP users. There is nothing else better than meeting a SAS user who tells you that your book helped solve a programming problem s/he was having. Hearing that, first hand, is better than receiving a royalty check.

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