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Series plot with varying attributes

This article is motivated by a recent question on the SAS Communities board.  This user wants to create a series or spline plot where the attributes of the line (color, thickness) can be changed based on another variable. In this case it may be a binary variable with "0" and

Data Visualization | Programming Tips
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Is it sensitive? Mask it with data suppression

Report data shared by educational institutions, government agencies, healthcare organizations, and human resource departments can contain sensitive or confidential data. Data in such reports are suppressed selectively to protect the identities of individuals or to prevent the report’s audience from easily inferring individual values. The Data Suppression feature in SAS

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The Myth of the BFF

I remember going to a workshop about grief a few years back. At one point, the speaker talked about various types of support grieving folks need after the typical mourning rituals have receded and life continues on. He asked the workshop participants to pull out a sheet of paper and

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