Mary Osborne
Social Innovation

Mary Osborne is a member of the Social Innovation team at SAS where she focuses on humanitarian and data4good initiatives. She is a content creator for the GatherIQ app, and enjoys using analytics to help raise awareness and work towards solutions to some of the world’s biggest problems. She has over 20 years of experience with analytics and visualization, and has a special interest in unstructured data analysis and natural language processing.

Analytics | Data Visualization
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Anatomy of a swing state

Every presidential candidate has a list of states they’re expected to win, but there are always states that are too close to call because they have similar numbers of registered voters for each of the two dominant political parties: Democrat and Republican. It’s in these “swing” states that candidates invest

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May the Fourth Be With You 2018

In The Force Awakens, when Poe Dameron, the self-assured pilot, said, “So who talks first, you talk first, I talk first? ..." I had a feeling he’d end up being a character I’d like. When Poe had this interaction with Armitage Hux in The Last Jedi, I was completely sold