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[SGF시리즈 #1] 포스트 팬데믹 시대, 분석이 비즈니스를 성공적으로 이끄는 방법

세계 최대의 분석 컨퍼런스 ‘SAS Global Forum 2021’이 지난 5월, 온라인으로 개최됐습니다. 하이라이트 국문 영상으로도 보실 수 있도록 준비되어 다시 한 번 블로그를 통해 내용들을 정리해 소개해 드립니다. 이번 SAS 글로벌 포럼에서는 마이크로소프트와의 전략적 제휴에 이어, 아마존웹서비스(AWS)와 구글 클라우드에서도 데이터 분석을 지원한다고 밝혔고, 올해 말에는 레드햇 오픈시프트 지원도 계획하고 있다고

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Is your demand management process stuck in the 1990s?

Demand management concepts are now over 30 years old. The first use of the term "demand management" surfaced in the commercial sector in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Before that, the focus was on a more siloed approach to demand forecasting and planning that was manual and used simple

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Resiliencia, la fortaleza de la cadena de suministro del futuro

A lo largo de 2020, las cadenas de suministro estuvieron bajo gran estrés. La pandemia y los altibajos del entorno económico hicieron que las empresas enfrentaran complicados desafíos para seguir produciendo y satisfacer los nuevos patrones de demanda. Si bien privó la incertidumbre, también fue una oportunidad para que las

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A risk worth taking: Making data a company’s best friend, not its most costly mistake

Within both the business world and our personal lives, data is becoming increasingly intrinsic to everything we do. Whether it’s picking which restaurant to order from, a tailored advert or figuring out the quickest route home, data is a part of our everyday decision making. For businesses, the value of

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Alianza entre SAS e INIF: la manera más inteligente de prevenir y detectar fraudes en seguros en Colombia

El fraude es considerado el principal flagelo del sector asegurador en la actualidad. Un estudio publicado por la Asociación de Certificadores de Fraude de Estados Unidos (ACFE) habla de pérdidas estima las pérdidas anuales por fraude en 3.600 millones de dólares y eso solo tomando en cuenta cerca de 2.500

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Modern infrastructure must include analytics

Throughout its history, the United States has invested in infrastructure that leverages new technologies and helps society and its economy thrive. With the advent of trains in the early 1800s, four of the country’s five transcontinental railroads were built with assistance from the federal government. When cars replaced horses and

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