Generative AI models have existed since the 1950s, but only in recent years have their application in marketing gained significant attention and media coverage.

The impressive abilities of generative AI, particularly in content generation, have sparked excitement within the industry. However, the larger question that arises is: How can generative AI be responsibly used and governed?

With decades of experience infusing AI and analytics into customer and marketing analytics use cases, SAS is perfectly positioned to help customers integrate generative AI technologies with our MarTech solution, SAS® Customer Intelligence 360. We have created assistants that leverage generative AI integrations to enhance marketers’ creativity and efficiency throughout the entire customer engagement life cycle in areas such as planning campaigns, generating creatives, segmenting audiences and much more.

These assistants are enabled by a flexible, custom integration with generative AI and large language model (LLM) providers. Customers have the freedom to choose and bring the specific models and generative AI providers they want to employ, configure the integration(s) according to their needs, and use the desired capabilities and generative AI providers within the SAS Customer Intelligence 360 solution.

Let’s explore several features and benefits of the SAS Customer Intelligence 360 AI-powered assistants.

Craft content with a marketing resource management assistant

Interfacing with a customer’s chosen LLM to provide a keen understanding of consumer behavior and market trends, the marketing resource management (MRM) assistant integrates directly into the marketing resource management capabilities of SAS Customer Intelligence 360. The assistant enables customers to take advantage of an LLM’s exceptional abilities for brainstorming customer audiences and journeys, helping to navigate the intricate landscape of marketing strategies. It also helps marketers craft compelling and channel-specific creatives and effortlessly draft engaging content tailored to different platforms.

What sets the MRM assistant and integration apart is that it can facilitate customizable tone and writing styles, ensuring the brand's voice is consistently conveyed across various channels. And its translation prowess helps users break down language barriers to expand their reach.

Create a variety of engaging content

Seamlessly integrated into the email capabilities of SAS Customer Intelligence 360, the writing assistant uses a customer’s chosen LLM so it’s easier than ever to craft persuasive and hyper-personalized emails. The writing assistant enables customers to use LLMs to promote specific assets, including products, blog posts, videos, web pages and more. By interfacing with a model that can summarize the essence of these assets and by extracting key facts, the writing assistant ensures that email recipients are captivated from the first line.

What sets the writing assistant apart is its access to a vast knowledge base where marketers can upload relevant marketing materials specific to your brand. From previous emails and product descriptions to white papers and more, this assistant utilizes a treasure trove of information to infuse your emails with your organization's distinctive voice. You'll be amazed at how it blends brand-specific content into email compositions, maintaining a consistent and compelling brand image.

Coming soon: Intelligent assistants for audience creation, content suggestion and tailored experiences

Intelligent Assistants are used to accelerate domain-specific workflows and processes in the solution. Soon, audiences can be created based on a series of prompts that deliver a specific audience with the required attributes to the user. Our Audience Assistant can securely analyze your audience source, mitigate bias through follow-up questions, and activate audiences once approvals are complete and the user is satisfied. Other assistants can provide content recommendations such as alternative subject lines for e-mail A/B testing. Our vision is to implement Intelligent Assistants across the solution that reduce complexity while increasing overall productivity.

The endless possibilities of data exploration

The integrated segmentation assistant is designed to empower marketers with effortless data exploration and segmentation capabilities. Say goodbye to complex query languages and welcome the power of natural language conversation as you interact with the assistant to explore the SAS Customer Intelligence 360 unified data model (UDM).

The assistant's strength lies in the ability to use the chosen LLM to understand and respond to your queries in a conversational manner. Simply ask it questions about your data, and in return, it provides powerful insights. Its deep understanding of the UDM allows it to easily navigate your data, bringing forth the information you need in a format that is easy to comprehend, all while supporting your organization’s data governance and privacy processes.

This assistant doesn't stop at data exploration. It empowers marketers to build audiences effortlessly in SAS Customer Intelligence 360. Using the intuitive interface, you can define audience criteria in plain, natural language.

Using AI responsibly

While the emergence of these capabilities and the growing prevalence of generative AI integration in the marketing landscape is exciting, the importance of responsible and ethical use of this technology has become paramount. The custom integration assistants described above provide brands flexibility in how and to what level they engage generative AI to empower marketing content creation. Ultimately, the responsibility for accounting for privacy, compliance and responsible use of AI lies with the individual customer or brand.

The goal of these assistants is to establish a collaborative partnership with customers, enabling them to explore the full potential of this technology through integration with their choice of LLM and not out-of-the-box capabilities from SAS, while supporting its safe and effective implementation.

The integration of AI-powered assistants within SAS Customer Intelligence 360 marks a significant advancement in marketing technology. These new assistants allow marketers to gain access to new tools that enhance creativity, efficiency and decision making across the entire customer engagement journey. SAS Customer Intelligence 360 is committed to safety and ethics - providing marketers with the confidence to leverage generative AI responsibly.

Experience the power of responsible AI integration and witness the remarkable results it can bring to marketers, all while maintaining control and upholding ethical practices.

Join us on an exciting journey into the realm of AI-powered marketing assistants and explore how SAS Customer Intelligence 360 is revolutionizing the marketing landscape for the benefit of all.

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