Jonathan Moran
Head of MarTech Solutions Marketing

Jonathan Moran is responsible for global marketing activities for SAS’ marketing solutions. He has more than 20 years of marketing technology and customer analytics industry experience. Jonathan has designed, developed and implemented analytical software solutions that helped Fortune 500 customers solve unique analytics business issues.

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3 reasons why marketers need SAS® for customer analytics

Customer analytics is becoming imperative for organizations that desire to create and provide personalized and satisfying customer experiences. To understand and anticipate customer needs, preferences and behaviors in a fast-moving marketplace, organizations must make sense of unstructured data, apply industry-specific data and analytics techniques, and optimize every customer-level decision and

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How integrating generative AI with SAS Customer Intelligence 360 helps modern digital marketers

Generative AI models have existed since the 1950s, but only in recent years have their application in marketing gained significant attention and media coverage. The impressive abilities of generative AI, particularly in content generation, have sparked excitement within the industry. However, the larger question that arises is: How can generative