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Judgment calls & wake up calls

What's almost as good as being in sunny Orlando to hear your favorite business leaders speak in person? Watching them from the comfort of your own office chair, of course, but with the ability to still ask questions and participate in live polls, as if you were on site. You are

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Drive your data with analytics

Mikhail Semeniuk, Director of Analytics at TrueCar, will explain why his company turned to SAS for an analytics solution that didn't require a large staff but was flexible enough to grow with the company, and powerful enough to better manage data and create fast, accurate forecasts. Mikhail works on the

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Conversational analytics

When you begin your career your most important skills are your hard, technical skills; the finance and accounting, the statistics and economics, the physics and chemistry, the engineering and calculus.  But as I tell my business school mentees, as your career progresses, the emphasis changes such that much sooner than

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So many WOWs…in so little time

I remember the first time I saw a Cirque du Soleil® performance—the artistry, the split-second timing, that repeating sense of WOW.  I was an instant fan. Funny… but I got that same sense of awe the first time I saw a demo of SAS® Visual Analytics.  I’d read the project

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Promises, (over)promises

As public safety officials leaf through their favorite criminal justice periodical they are greeted with pages and pages of analytics advertisements. These ads are laden with promises of robust and scalable solutions, improved efficiencies and, yes, the promise of prediction. While reading the advertisements, the mental conversation may go something

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Proud to back the Pack

Yesterday was one of those (many) days where I felt the pride of working at SAS. It all started when I read a News & Observer article detailing the plight of student journalists at NC State University's newspaper, The Technician, trying to get to St. Louis to cover their beloved Wolfpack

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IFSUG kicks off with a bang!

This week I attended the inaugural Insurance and Finance SAS User Group conference at the SAS Headquarters in Cary, NC. The two-day conference was well attended by 80 members of our insurance and financial services customer community, and attendees were treated to a variety of presentations focused on these industry

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How to operationalize business analytics

Business analytics is maturing – and so is its role in forward-thinking organizations. Once mainly used in traditional batch-type environments, it's now being embedded into real-time business decision operations and processes to create immediate and significant value. To learn more about how to operationalize business analytics, attend this brief webinar,

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Analytics supercharge telco campaigns

It was fun to see Amitava Ghosh, Senior Vice President at Reliance Communications on his visit to SAS headquarters. I was thrilled to learn that "Ami" -- my former neighbor -- is now a SAS customer using SAS Customer Intelligence to optimize campaign management. Even more exciting, Ami allowed me

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Analytics helping transportation officials get the job done in tight financial times

The American Association of State Highway Transportation Officials recently released a top 10 list of transportation issues that will be “talked, written or tweeted and legislated about” in 2012.   As expected, funding constraints and Congressional action on reauthorization appear on the list but the group also notes that natural disaster

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Our conference lineup for 2012

Here at SAS Publishing, we’ve started the new year off with a bang, particularly when it comes to conferences. We’re attending a number of new shows in addition to the usual lineup this year. Visit our booth, meet our authors, check out our new and forthcoming titles, and talk with

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