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Machine Learning als Automatisierungsturbo

Datenmanagement alles andere als eine neue Disziplin. Dennoch verändert sich der Umgang mit Daten angesichts neuer Technologien wie künstliche Intelligenz (KI) und Machine Learning ebenso sehr wie die Analyse dieser Daten. Heute hat so ziemlich jedes Unternehmen moderne Datenmanagement-Werkzeuge im Einsatz, doch die angewandten Praktiken und Strategien stammen vielfach noch

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5 inspiring reads for Earth Day

From saving cheetahs to preserving fresh water systems, analytics plays a role in many inspiring conservation projects around the world. Read on to learn about a few of our favorites. 1. Protecting animals from extinction  Learn how analyzing footprints could help save cheetahs in Namibia and other endangered animals around

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SAS e Open Source – Governabilidade

No início deste mês tive o prazer de participar como speaker no evento  Platform Roadshow – Road2AI promovido pelo SAS. Nesta conferência foram abordados diversos temas interessantes, entre eles Inteligência Artificial, Cloud, Ofertas SAS adequados a diversas expertises. Sob a minha responsabilidade ficou o tema SAS e Open Source –

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Les Bots : nouvelle vague de la 4ème révolution industrielle

Et si, en dehors de la nouvelle organisation des moyens de production, la 4ème révolution industrielle induisait également une évolution significative dans la gestion de la connaissance intrinsèque à chaque domaine ? Et si les nouvelles technologies numériques permettaient aux acteurs opérationnels d’accéder simplement à cette connaissance, le plus souvent fruit de méthodes

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The impact of data governance and analytics: An interview with the U. of Idaho

What's the impact of using data governance and analytics for the business side of education? It's an interesting question, and during a video interview, Dale Pietrzak, Ed.D., Director of Institutional Effectiveness and Accreditation (IEA) at the University of Idaho shared details on the results they're realizing from using SAS for data

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9 ways hackathons can support innovation

Hackathons are short-term programming events that use data and analytics to solve real-world challenges. They have been around for a while now, and there is general agreement that they are great opportunities for networking and experimenting. There is also, however, now a growing sense that organisations can use them to

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NC HealthConnex, SAS 애널리틱스로 최신 의료 서비스를 제공하다

지난 2월, 미국 노스캐롤라이나(NC)주는 SAS 및 InterSystems와 제휴하여 주 정보기술부(North Carolina Department of Information Technology; NC DIT) 산하의 ‘건강 정보 교환 센터(Health Information Exchanges; HIE)’ NC HealthConnex의 현대화 소식을 발표했습니다. NC HealthConnex는 향상된 진료 서비스와 환자의 안전을 지원하고 진료 이전을 용이하게 하며, 주 전역에 걸쳐 4,500개 이상의 의료 시설에 관련

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What’s it like to recruit the next great soccer star? Find out in this data science escape room from SAS and SciSports

Have you ever dreamed of working for a professional sports organization? Do you play fantasy sports leagues and fantasize about owning a real team? Do you follow the news about player drafts and trades, and wish you could influence who your team picks? Well, here’s your chance. The latest SAS

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Alles ge-„cloud“ – Stolperfallen bei der Migration von Analytics in die Cloud

Steht die moderne IT vor einer Herausforderung, greifen Verantwortliche immer öfter auf ein vermeintliches Allheilmittel zurück: die Migration von Lösungen in die Cloud. Doch ist diese Maßnahme tatsächlich die Universallösung? Nun, die Antwort darauf ist ein entschiedenes „Jein“. Analytics-as-a-Service und Analytics in der Cloud sind seit Längerem ein viel diskutiertes

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Malignant or benign? Cancer detection with SAS Viya and NVIDIA GPUs

According to the World Cancer Research Fund, Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers worldwide, with 12.3% of new cancer patients in 2018 suffering from breast cancer. Early detection can significantly improve treatment value, however, the interpretation of cancer images heavily depends on the experience of doctors and technicians. The

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Is machine learning practical for statistical forecasting?

There's been a lot of hype regarding using machine learning (ML) for demand forecasting, and rightfully so, given the advancements in data collection, storage, and processing along with improvements in technology. There's no reason why machine learning can't be utilized as another forecasting method among the collection of forecasting methods

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