Felipe Nonato
Principal Business Solutions Manager

With over two decades of experience in the technology field across various industry sectors, I have honed my skills in project management, team leadership, sales & pre-sales initiatives, and consultancy. My career in SAS has provided me with the opportunity to work in multiple countries/regions such as: Brazil, Chile, Perú, Central America and now EMEA. This, I believe, gave me what I consider one of my biggest assets: a multi-regional perspective in approach and communication with various languages and cultures.

Advanced Analytics | Analytics | Artificial Intelligence | Customer Intelligence
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Media continues to be a generations game

In the ever-evolving landscape of media, understanding how different generations consume content is crucial. Deloitte's report on Digital Media Trends 2023 sheds light on these generational disparities, highlighting a clear shift towards online experiences among younger audiences. This trend presents both challenges and opportunities for businesses, as they grapple with how