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Learn how marketing analytics is redefining the customer experience

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SAS Customer Intelligence 360: Visual forecasting, traffic acquisition, and digital media

Every brand offers a digital experience for a reason. But to achieve on your mission, raising awareness and attracting visitors through online media is critical. No visitors? Game over. Let’s dive into a business case using website visitor data to Suppose that a manager asks: What did our web

Analytics | Customer Intelligence
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Retailers: is your customer experience strategy working?

Smart retailers know that omnichannel customer experience isn't just about marketing anymore.  It’s about bridging all your digital and physical channels to recognize customers wherever they are, collecting data and understanding the retail customer’s purchasing journey. By taking customer data, product data, and supply chain data - and applying predictive and prescriptive

Customer Intelligence
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Wir wollen wie Amazon sein!

Interessanterweise sprachen mich in den letzten Monaten viele Unternehmen der unterschiedlichsten Branchen an und erzählten mir, dass sie sich eben nicht an den „Leuchtturm“-Beispielen ihrer eigenen Branche messen lassen wollen, sondern am „besten Unternehmen in Bezug auf ein herausragendes Kundenerlebnis“. Kurz: Sie wollen so sein wie Amazon. Es sieht wirklich

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El CMO, retado a reinventarse frente a consumidores más educados, diversos e influyentes

La evolución tecnológica a la que nos enfrentamos a diario ha generado grandes cambios en los hábitos de consumo. Estas transformaciones han llevado a las organizaciones a atravesar por un momento en el que si no evolucionan no podrán optimizar, por ejemplo, la experiencia al cliente que ofrecen, y de

Advanced Analytics | Analytics | Customer Intelligence | Data Visualization | Machine Learning
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SAS Customer Intelligence 360: Factorization machines, visual analytics, and personalized marketing [Part 1]

In a previous posting, SAS Customer Intelligence 360 was highlighted in the context of delivering relevant product, service, and content recommendations using automated machine learning within digital experiences. Shifting gears, SAS recognizes there are different user segments for our platform. This post will focus on building custom analytical recommendation models

Analytics | Customer Intelligence | Internet of Things | Machine Learning
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Machine learning to (re)learn about the consumer's genome

An interview with Gaetano Giannetto, CEO of Epipoli/Groupalia Transparency and quality of algorithms will form the basis of a new alliance and a new balance between companies and their customers. “Data intelligence becomes a competitive advantage only if you’re able to use it,” according to Gaetano Giannetto, CEO of Epipoli,

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