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Customer Intelligence Forum 2017 - Gespräch mit Dr. Jörg Reinnarth, Geschäftsführer des SAS Partners Cintellic

Am 14. März findet in Frankfurt in der „Klassikstadt“ das Customer Intelligence Forum 2017 statt. Ich habe vorab Dr. Jörg Reinnarth, den Geschäftsführer vom SAS Partner Cintellic, gefragt, welche Rolle seiner Meinung nach Analytics in Sachen Marketingmaßnahmen & Co. in Zukunft spielen wird. Er sieht vor allem einen Kulturwandel auf

Analytics | Customer Intelligence
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Why fact-based CMOs outperform their peers

At a time when ‘fake news’ has acquired its own presence on Wikipedia, it is worth reflecting a little on something more fundamental - the difference between facts and opinions. One of the most critical points to keep in mind when reviewing a plan, or a performance report, is to

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¿Cómo enfrenta el CIO la Transformación Digital?

Definir las prioridades de negocio y gestionarlas con analítica conduce a un camino exitoso. Ante la transformación digital que viven las organizaciones de las diversas industrias del mercado, el CIO se convierte en ese agente de cambio que habilita el camino hacia la innovación y éxito de la organización. Cuestionarse

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Dele al cliente lo que necesita: la analítica le dice cómo

A diario, las empresas compiten aguerridamente entre sí para atraer nuevos clientes, conservar los que ya tienen y asegurar su lealtad por mucho tiempo. Sin embargo, no es una tarea fácil, especialmente cuando los consumidores están más conectados e informados que nunca y su entorno es cada vez más competitivo.

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Suneel Grover 0
Digital intelligence for optimizing customer engagement

Digital intelligence is a trending term in the space of digital marketing analytics that needs to be demystified. Let's begin by defining what a digital marketing analytics platform is: Digital marketing analytics platforms are technology applications used by customer intelligence ninjas to understand and improve consumer experiences. Prospecting, acquiring, and holding on

Advanced Analytics | Analytics | Customer Intelligence
Simon Waller 0
Customer journey optimization: A real-world example

There are so many ways in which a customer’s journey of experiences can be negatively affected, from forms on websites that are unclear or complicated, to inconsistent or non-relevant interactions over many channels. It is important that these interactions are measured and reduced to maximize customer engagement and increase customer

Customer Intelligence | Data Management | Internet of Things
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How IoT analytics is driving consumer experience design

Last week Alibaba splashed $2.6 billion, buying Chinese shopping mall operator Intime. This move is yet another step in its strategy strategy to focus on offline-to-online, and create a more seamless experience for its consumers. The coming scope and scale of digital disruption is breathtaking. The integration of design, product management

Customer Intelligence
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Retailers use optimization to improve in-store fulfillment and keep customers satisfied

Omnichannel shoppers have been disrupting retailers for years, and its likely to top the industry’s agenda of challenges for years to come. But optimization, an omnichannel analytics technology, can help harness the positives of omnichannel retailing and minimize showrooming. Consider this everyday retail dilemma: E-commerce sales are growing, but in-store

Analytics | Customer Intelligence | Internet of Things
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Digitalisierung von Versicherungen - Erfolgsfaktor Daten!

Digitalisierung der Geschäftsprozesse rückt immer stärker in den Fokus von Versicherungen - getrieben von unterschiedlichen Faktoren. Bei einer näheren Betrachtung wird schnell deutlich, dass eine verlässliche und aussagekräftige Datenbasis die Grundvoraussetzung für eine erfolgreiche Digitalisierungs-Strategie von Versicherungen ist.

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