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SAS Global Forum 2020: Hybrid marketing with SAS Customer Intelligence 360

After careful consideration of the evolving COVID-19 situation, SAS made the decision in March to cancel the in-person SAS Global Forum 2020 conference in Washington, DC. The health and well-being of SAS customers and employees was the company's top priority in making that decision, and while it's unfortunate that we

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SAS Customer Intelligence 360: Unified data model, marketing attribution and AutoML

Excitement levels are high for the March 2020 release of SAS Customer Intelligence 360, which includes multiple years of research and development culminating in enhancements to the platform's underlying data model. The changes will introduce the unification of a comprehensive data model recording both: Customer behavior -- what users are

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Garantice la mejor experiencia a sus clientes a través de múltiples canales con Analítica e Inteligencia Artificial

Los negocios buscan ofrecer una experiencia continua y fluida a sus clientes. Es responsabilidad de los líderes de mercadotecnia enfocar sus esfuerzos en saber cómo aportarán este valor en la atención a sus mercados y, por consiguiente, generar nuevos ingresos, entre otros objetivos de las organizaciones, como ofrecer una experiencia

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SAS Customer Intelligence 360: Analytics as a guiding light

Digital transformation. Yup, I said it. It's over-hyped. But as SAS Chief Operating Officer and Chief Technology Officer Oliver Schabenberger says, "It's also real and powerful. Our world is being liquefied from physical assets into virtual assets, and analog processes into digital processes - the world is turning into bits

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IA potencia el avance de la Gestión de Riesgo hacia la Resiliencia y Optimización de la Rentabilidad del Negocio

Todos los negocios enfrentan desafíos de muy diferentes índoles, pero cuando nos referimos a aquellos que basan parte significativa de sus ingresos en el crédito - como los sectores financiero, telecomunicaciones y departamental o minorista-, éstos son los primeros en enfocar su atención y esfuerzo en alternativas creativas y hasta

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SAS Customer Intelligence 360: Hybrid marketing and analytic's last mile [Part 3]

In parts one and two of this blog series, we introduced hybrid marketing as a method that combines both direct and digital marketing capabilities while absorbing insights from machine learning. According to Daniel Newman (Futurum Research) and Wilson Raj (SAS) in the October 2019 research study Experience 2030: “Brands must

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SAS Customer Intelligence 360: Marketing AI vision

Your brand is customer journey obsessed, and every interaction with your company provides a potential opportunity to make an intelligent decision, deepen engagement and meet conversion goals. The hype of martech innovation in 2020 is continuing to elevate, and every technology vendor is claiming the following statement: "Bolster the customer

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NRF 2020 : Quelles tendances s’annoncent prédominantes pour le retail en 2020 ?

Alors que certains annonçaient encore récemment la mort du commerce de détail en magasin, prédiction confortée par la croissance explosive d'Amazon, nous avons clairement vu se profiler une seconde vie des magasins en nous promenant dans les couloirs du Javitz Center de New York pendant la NRF 2020. Le commerce

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How to utilize Customer Lifetime Value with SAS Visual Analytics

Some business models will segment the worth of their customers into categories that will often give different levels of service to the more “higher worth” customers. The metric most often used for that is called Customer Lifetime Value (CLV). CLV is simply a balance sheet look at the total cost spent versus the total revenue earned over a customer’s projected tenure or “life.”

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Experience 2030: 고객 경험의 미래

앞으로 10년 뒤, 2030년에는 어떤 브랜드가 살아남아 성장을 지속할 수 있을까요? SAS와 글로벌 시장조사기관 퓨처럼 리서치(Futurum Research)는 SAS 애널리틱스 익스피리언스 2019에서 ‘2030년 고객 경험의 미래(Experience 2030: The Future of Customer Experience)’ 설문조사 보고서를 발표했습니다. 다니엘 뉴먼(Daniel Newman) 퓨처럼 리서치 수석분석가 겸 창립 파트너는 더 많은 권한을 갖게 된(empowered) 소비자가 새롭게

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El auge del análisis de sentimientos, la solución para que las máquinas entiendan mejor a los humanos

Los seres humanos tenemos una característica –entre muchas que nos hacen únicos– que requiere de la comprensión de nuestros interlocutores para causar el efecto deseado: somos capaces de decir una cosa queriendo expresar un sentimiento completamente diferente. Lo llamamos sarcasmo, ironía o mordacidad. Pero, si a veces es difícil para

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