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Bots, collusion and accountability in pricing

In the recent article, “Price-bots can collude against consumers,” the Economist discusses the consumer effects of prices set by price-bots. The article starts with an example of gasoline pricing strategies on Martha’s Vineyard. With a small number of gas stations on the island, the price-bots can cover all competitor prices frequently

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First things first: Marketing needs data integration in order to benefit from AI

There is a huge amount of buzz and excitement about at the moment, all centering on the potential for artificial intelligence (AI) to transform marketing.  For example, the EIU reports that executives were on board. Three quarters of those surveyed, were reported to be expecting AI to be used in their

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How does a marketer know what to test?

As customer interactions spread across multiple touch points, consumers demand seamless and relevant experiences. Traditional planning and design approaches--that rely on historical conventions, myopic single-channel perspectives and sequential act-and-learn iteration—no longer matches the complexity and pace of modern digital marketing. Marketers must  re-evaluate their strategies for engagement—especially in the area

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Real-time customer experience: Accessing the whole picture

Real-time customer experience is a vital driver of growth. Acting in real-time, armed with the most up-to-date information about your customer, can hugely improve customer experience. Many of SAS’s customers have generated significant competitive advantage from trying to align closer with the real-life experiences of their customers. But how many

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Así es el profesional de Marketing de hoy

En el lenguaje de marketing, mucho hablamos de implementar estrategias digitales omnichannel y gestionar la experiencia de cliente de extremo a extremo. Si bien hay bastantes soluciones (mapas de viaje del cliente, diagramas de ciclo de vida) y tecnologías (motores de optimización, procesamiento de secuencias de eventos y automatización de marketing)

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¿Cómo es que los datos pueden llevar la experiencia del cliente al siguiente nivel?

Para ofrecer un servicio verdaderamente diferencial, que concluya en una experiencia del cliente satisfactoria y genere interacciones constantes en los canales de venta, es necesario unir la mayor cantidad de piezas de información sobre el comportamiento de los compradores, actuales o potenciales, y con base en ellas construir puentes hacia

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How chatbots are changing customer service dynamics in banking

Ever wondered about the volume of calls to banks? It is probably inevitable that banks would turn to chatbots sooner or later. Chatbots offer huge opportunities for banks across three broad dimensions. Efficiency and opportunity The most expensive forms of interaction with customers are the personal ones: face-to-face, and by

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Utility analytics in 2017: Aligning data and analytics with business strategy

Regulations, corporate drivers, leadership and market influences have combined to produce a patchwork of uneven progress on initiatives such as distributed generation, customer choice, asset optimization and the industrial Internet of Things. These initiatives all rely on analytics to gain the most return on investment. To better understand organizational readiness

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360-Grad-Kundensicht – Herausforderung für Versicherungen seit Jahren

Das Thema „360-Grad-Kundensicht“ ist schon immer eine große Herausforderung für Versicherungen gewesen und hat in den letzten Jahren eine noch höhere Wichtigkeit erhalten. Kein Unternehmen bestreitet diese Wichtigkeit, jedoch nur wenige haben die Anforderung auch wirklich umgesetzt. War vor ca. fünf Jahren das Thema noch die Kür, so ist 360-Grad-Kundensicht

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How companies can succeed in an analytics economy

Artificial intelligence. Big data. Cognitive computing. These buzzwords are the ABCs of today’s marketplace. In a recent interview at SAS® Global Forum, I discussed the unprecedented pace of change that we’re seeing in the market. It’s creating what I like to call an analytics economy. In this economy, analytics –

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