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Learn how marketing analytics is redefining the customer experience

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Machine learning to (re)learn about the consumer's genome

An interview with Gaetano Giannetto, CEO of Epipoli/Groupalia Transparency and quality of algorithms will form the basis of a new alliance and a new balance between companies and their customers. “Data intelligence becomes a competitive advantage only if you’re able to use it,” according to Gaetano Giannetto, CEO of Epipoli,

Customer Intelligence
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4 guiding principles on how to execute on your digitised business strategy – Part 2

Rethink the way you run your business Irrespective of which digital business model works for your organisation, there are four guiding principles that you should adhere to as you execute on your digitised business strategy: Provide seamless, compelling and engaging customer experiences Optimise processes and improve employee experiences to deliver

Analytics | Customer Intelligence | Internet of Things
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Could analytics improve electric vehicle adoption?

In August 2017, Britta Gross spoke about General Motors’ perspective on bringing electric vehicles (and their derivatives) to market. Her point of view reaffirmed GM's research on consumer awareness of electric vehicles (only 60 percent) and consumer adoption concerns with this emerging technology. She also revealed the portfolio of cars

Customer Intelligence
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5 strategic dimensions that will make you succeed in the digital world - Part 1

As the global economy becomes increasingly digital, the underpinning technologies are dramatically altering the power balance between companies and their customers. While the customer benefits from the access to information and choice between offerings, digital technologies will also significantly improve the performance of well managed organisations. Every business, large or

Customer Intelligence
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SAS Customer Intelligence 360: Location analytics meets digital intelligence

When data meets geography, use cases revolve around mapping and spatial analytics. But what happens when you combine digital analytics and powerful visualization for customer location analysis? Leveraging data collection mechanisms, SAS 360 Discover captures first-party behavioral information across the entire digital customer experience with a brand’s websites and mobile

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Anticipar y no reaccionar, las ventajas de una cadena de suministro efectiva

Sábado por la tarde. Un aficionado al futbol visita la tienda de conveniencia más cercana para comprar todo lo necesario para disfrutar el partido de su equipo favorito: botanas, comida, bebidas. Recorre los pasillos, pero no encuentra todo lo que quiere. Pregunta al dependiente; éste le responde que algunos de

Analytics | Customer Intelligence
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Ob Fußball oder Marketing: Die richtige Taktik ist entscheidend!

Im heutigen Gastbeitrag geht Robert Schumacher, Director Business Development gateB darauf ein, wie sich mit den Herausforderungen bei digitalen Marketingprojekten umgehen lässt. Ich nehme die Antwort gleich vorweg. Es gibt keine One-Size-Fits-All-Lösung. Beispiel Fußball: Die eine Taktik kann heute funktionieren und morgen – bei Regen, veränderter Team-Konstellation und neuem Gegner

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