SAS User Feedback Award winner helps drive innovation, shape SAS® 360 Engage software


SAS users help drive innovation, providing feedback on SAS products through various mediums, including customer advisory boards, communities, SASware ballot ideas and SAS Global Forum. The SAS User Feedback Award is presented annually to a user whose recommendations and insights lead to significant improvements to SAS software.

"When I first told my colleagues about this award, they were like, 'Now you finally receive an award for grumbling all day,'" jokes Catharina-Antonia Klaube, winner of the SAS User Feedback Award.

This year SAS is recognizing, Catharina-Antonia Klaube of DM Drogerie Markt Germany for her outstanding contributions to enhancing SAS software, specifically SAS® 360 Engage.

SAS 360 Engage is an omnichannel marketing tool that allows organizations to deliver personalized, precisely targeted offers to customers. The robust capabilities allow businesses to optimize campaigns, increase ROI and improve the customer experience. The SAS 360 Engage: Digital capability extracts analytical insights from data to orchestrate meaningful customer interactions over digital channels. SAS® 360 Engage: Email ensures emails are right the first time and reduces the likelihood of them going to spam folders.

As an early adopter of SAS 360 Engage, Klaube provided feature requests and use cases that have been instrumental to the improvement of the software. Her recommendations helped shape new drag-and-drop capabilities for the creation of email content, as well as features that enable personalized content to be modified for recipients. Klaube also helped shape design requirements that provide users detailed metrics to quickly identify email deliverability issues. Additionally, she influenced API development that allows for better integration between cloud and on-premises systems.

Klaube’s input has been critical in establishing differentiation in SAS 360 Engage products, helping businesses build stronger, more profitable customer bases and find new ways to do great things with data, with analytics and with SAS.

Today's announcement was made at SAS Global Forum, the world's premier analytics conference. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s conference is being held virtually.


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