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Advanced Analytics
Paul Welch 0
Using analytics for rare disease treatment: Unveiling opportunities for advancements

Rare diseases, often called orphan diseases, affect a small percentage of the population. Despite their rarity, these diseases collectively impact millions worldwide. Being a health care professional who cares deeply about overall patient care, the challenges in diagnosing and treating rare diseases resonate profoundly with me. Limited data availability, dispersed

Internet of Things
Arnie de Castro 0
Reflecting on advancements and emerging trends in energy forecasting

A recent webinar focused on current trends in the utility industry and their impact on energy forecasting.  The discussions covered government regulations and initiatives, technological advancements and improvements in energy forecasting analytics. Here are a few things I took away from the discussion. The variability of regulatory requirements Across jurisdictions, regulatory

Julie Muckleroy 0
AI’s impact on fraud: A growing challenge for global banking

In 2024, fraud and financial crimes are rising in global banking due to an evolving economic environment and expanding technological capabilities that create new opportunities for fraudsters. In 2023, consumer-focused fraud increased, with attackers posing as energy firms, lottery companies and banks to extract sensitive information from unsuspecting victims. Inflationary pressure saw

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