One core tenet of the annual SAS Hackathon is that great ideas can come from anyone, anywhere, including our skilled partner network.

This isn’t your grandparents’ hackathon – our monthlong, fully digital hack challenges teams from around the globe to solve real-world problems with innovative solutions they create on SAS® Viya®, our cloud-based data and AI platform.

There are plenty of reasons for partners to participate in this free meeting of curious minds – here are our top five:

1. You can own your intellectual property (IP)

You make it; you keep it. Participants own the IP they develop, and you can put it into your own production as you see fit. We designed it this way to encourage participants to push the boundaries of what's possible.

2. Get creative and learn by doing

Flex your creative muscles and build new skills with free access to the SAS on-demand learning site for coaching on AI, cloud environments and more. And the Hackathon presents a unique opportunity for you to test your solutions and collaborate in real time to find what works best.

“You can really experience the SAS tools and understand how they work and upscale yourself whilst also solving a real-world problem.” Will Hauwert, Principal Consultant at Butterfly Data. Butterfly Data, a SAS Partner, was a 2023 SAS Hackathon global technology winner in the visualization category.

3. Make a prototype with a story

Every Hackathon solution has a story – the ideation, the teamwork and the collaboration all build a compelling tale. By participating, you have a built-in reference case to share with prospects and customers when you take your solution to market.

“There are already customers calling us, saying they have an interesting case. The news spreads.” Colin Nugteren, Founder and Chief Analytics Officer at Notilyze. Notilyze, a SAS Partner, was a 2023 SAS Hackathon global industry winner in the manufacturing category.

4. Win big with the Channel Ready Award

SAS Partner Program members are eligible to win the Channel Ready Award, which is given to partner participants with a winning, customer-ready solution that you can take to market.

5. Drive your ideas forward for the world

The Hackathon is just the place to showcase your capabilities, technological expertise and industry knowledge. We want our partners to come hack with us so we can help you take your innovative solutions from concept to product with the power of SAS technology.

Ready to invent something that could change our daily lives? Register for the 2024 SAS Hackathon


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John Carey

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John Carey oversees SAS’s vibrant alliances and channels community. With over twenty years of global experience in the channel space, John guides the construction and execution of partner value-creation efforts to uncover disruptive opportunities that solve our customers’ most pressing analytical challenges and generate exceptional value.

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