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Smart cities: Which parts of the UK are the most AI-ready?

AI has, for many years, been the stuff of fantasy. From the monster in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein to the dystopian futures depicted in films such as Metropolis, the Matrix and Minority Report, the idea of intelligent machines has been capturing the imagination of writers for centuries. Our ability to store

Learn SAS | Students & Educators
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“Hay que ser curioso y preguntar, aunque obtengas un no por respuesta”

La analítica y la ciencia de datos ofrecen un amplio abanico de oportunidades profesionales. Desde el equipo de Academics de SAS trabajamos de forma muy estrecha con las instituciones educativas para introducir estas disciplinas dentro de su oferta formativa, así como para ofrecer una primera oportunidad laboral a los estudiantes.

Advanced Analytics
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Parallel Processing in SAS Viya

Most computers can execute operations in parallel due to their multicore infrastructure. Performing more than one operation simultaneously has the potential to speed up most tasks and has many practical uses within the field of data science. SAS Viya offers several products that facilitate parallel task execution. Many of these

Learn SAS | SAS Events | Students & Educators
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SAS honors educators and students for excellence in analytics and data science 

The demand for people with analytics and data science skills continues to outpace supply – and SAS skills are among the most prized. Through programs such as the new  SAS Academic Specialization, the company is building a sustainable pool of data science and analytics talent.   At the virtual SAS Global Forum 2021, the company recognized

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