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2 paths to the top: How analytics gives students the professional edge

The global demand for analytics talent persists, with organisations facing challenges finding qualified individuals to support their growth. McKinsey’s recent survey revealed a significant shortage of skilled practitioners for the most in-demand tech skills, with less than 50% of the required professionals available worldwide. Despite the well-known STEM skills gap,

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How SAS® users are benefiting from the career versatility of data analytics

More than spreadsheets and formulas, data analytics combines technology, creativity and strategic thinking to help diverse industries make innovative discoveries and leave an impact where it matters most. Even historically, non-technical industries like agriculture, for instance, are tapping into data management and visualization to predict and reduce their carbon footprint

Advanced Analytics
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From classroom to competition: Building applied analytics skills with the Curiosity Cup

The ability to analyze and derive insights from vast amounts of information is invaluable. As industries increasingly rely on data-driven decision-making, there is a growing demand for professionals with expertise in applied analytics. To bridge this skills gap, academic institutions seek innovative ways to provide students with hands-on experience. Integrating

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Colaboración entre universidades y empresas: intercambio mutuo de conocimiento

No creo que ninguno de los lectores de este post llegue a sorprenderse si les contamos que en SAS estamos al 100% comprometidos con el mundo académico. No obstante, hace casi medio siglo que nuestra compañía nació precisamente en las aulas de una universidad, la de Carolina del Norte. Desde

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Diferencias y similitudes en la gestión de la experiencia de cliente y ciudadano

On May 25, we took advantage of the presence of the SAS management team at a global level in sunny Madrid to get together with our clients and partners , whom we already consider friends, to address such a fashionable topic as advanced analytics from different angles on our SAS

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SAS Spring Campus – une transition en douceur vers la vie professionnelle

Vous vous rappelez ce premier jour du reste de votre vie professionnelle ? Vous avez fini les cours, les examens, ces années d’organisation libre. Tout d’un coup, vous devez intégrer une entreprise. Comprendre le fonctionnement du monde corporate, avec toutes ses particularités. Cela peut être source d’angoisse – et c’est la

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História do SAS LAB na Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa

Origem e benefícios do Laboratório Científico criado pelo SAS, na Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa. No final do ano passado, o SAS Portugal anunciou a criação de um laboratório científico - designado SAS-FCUL Lab - na FCUL - Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa, com o objetivo

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How organizations can maximize productivity to maintain their competitive edge

Data science teams are no longer comprised of tiny groups of Ph.D. holders exploring cutting-edge projects. Organizations that wish to stay competitive in their marketplaces today need effective data science teams. A strategy to effectively apply advanced analytics and data science to drive better products, services and decisions has many

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Smart cities: Which parts of the UK are the most AI-ready?

AI has, for many years, been the stuff of fantasy. From the monster in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein to the dystopian futures depicted in films such as Metropolis, the Matrix and Minority Report, the idea of intelligent machines has been capturing the imagination of writers for centuries. Our ability to store

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“Hay que ser curioso y preguntar, aunque obtengas un no por respuesta”

La analítica y la ciencia de datos ofrecen un amplio abanico de oportunidades profesionales. Desde el equipo de Academics de SAS trabajamos de forma muy estrecha con las instituciones educativas para introducir estas disciplinas dentro de su oferta formativa, así como para ofrecer una primera oportunidad laboral a los estudiantes.

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