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How CDP technologies offer sales and marketing teams powerful insights

Customer data platforms (CDPs) are used to consolidate and integrate customer and consumer data into a single data source. CDP technologies offer sales and marketing teams relevant insights needed to run more profitable promotional campaigns. A CDP can grab information from online and offline sources such as websites, mobile apps

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Access for success: SAS Certification practice exams now offered for free

Here at SAS, we understand the importance of having access to cutting-edge professional resources. That’s why, for more than 40 years, we’ve provided individuals in programming, data management and analytics fields with low-cost and no-cost materials that promote success in their educational and professional journeys. And today, as the demand

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Prise de décision partagée et transformation personnelle sur le parcours de la Business Value de l'analytique

On s'accorde de plus en plus à dire que presque toutes les entreprises devront recourir davantage à l'analyse. L'utilisation des données n'est plus un luxe, mais une méthode de travail essentielle. C'est un facteur d'efficience, d'efficacité et de centrage sur le client. Pour ceux d'entre nous qui travaillent dans le

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A conversation with Rijkswaterstaat: How SAS is helping keep the Netherlands waterways safe

Rijkswaterstaat (RWS) is the Netherlands main agency for design, construction, management and maintenance for waterways and infrastructure. Their mission is to promote safety, mobility and quality of life in the Netherlands. They are the masterminds behind some of the most prestigious water projects in the world. In a recent panel

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Advanced analytics e a próxima transformação das telecomunicações

Com as grandes mudanças provocadas pela crescente digitalização durante a pandemia, os players da indústria de telecomunicações que buscam se reinventar recorrem a análises avançadas para se adaptar a um ambiente de negócios dinâmico e encontrar novas fontes de receita. As operadoras conseguiram responder adequadamente ao aumento substancial das necessidades

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Analyzing movement and tracking data using SAS Visual Analytics

Technological advancements in connectivity and global positioning systems (GPS) have led to increased data tracking and related business use cases to analyze such movements. Whether analyzing a vehicle, an animal or a population's movements - each use case requires analyzing underlying spatial information. Global challenges such as virus outbreaks, deforestation

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