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Advanced analytics e a próxima transformação das telecomunicações

Com as grandes mudanças provocadas pela crescente digitalização durante a pandemia, os players da indústria de telecomunicações que buscam se reinventar recorrem a análises avançadas para se adaptar a um ambiente de negócios dinâmico e encontrar novas fontes de receita. As operadoras conseguiram responder adequadamente ao aumento substancial das necessidades

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Analyzing movement and tracking data using SAS Visual Analytics

Technological advancements in connectivity and global positioning systems (GPS) have led to increased data tracking and related business use cases to analyze such movements. Whether analyzing a vehicle, an animal or a population's movements - each use case requires analyzing underlying spatial information. Global challenges such as virus outbreaks, deforestation

Analytics | Students & Educators
“El learning analytics ayudará a reducir las tasas de fracaso escolar y a potenciar el rendimiento de los alumnos”

La aplicación de la tecnología al entorno educativo ha ampliado de forma considerable las posibilidades en cuanto a canales y métodos de aprendizaje. Precisamente, en los últimos meses, en los que la educación online ha alcanzado niveles inimaginables hasta el momento, ha surgido un aumento del interés en disciplinas como

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Rapid demand response forecasting helps retailers adapt during COVID-19

Rapid demand response forecasting techniques are forecasting processes that can incorporate key information quickly enough to act upon in real time by agile supply chains.   Retailers and consumer goods suppliers are urgently trying to determine how changes in consumer behavior will affect their regions, channels, categories, brands and products during

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¿Cómo puede ayudar la analítica de datos en la desescalada de la pandemia?

La crisis sanitaria y social provocada a nivel global por la pandemia del COVID-19 ya ha mostrado cómo algunos gobiernos están apostando por tecnologías punteras, como la inteligencia artificial, analytics, big data o machine learning para una toma de decisiones basada en datos. Muchos países abordan la desescalada de la

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An approach to enabling predictive maintenance for industrial assets

Today, many assets across multiple industries are becoming more instrumented and connected to enterprise platforms to provide additional insight into their health and operation. IDC estimates that Internet of Things (IoT) investment will reach $1.12 trillion in 2023. One important area for many industrial organizations that are focused in using

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50 years of strong, intelligent women

Fifty years ago, as the women’s liberation movement was gaining momentum in the U.S., my maternal great-grandmother, Pearl, worked in a factory sewing American flags while volunteering with the Girl Scouts and caring for her grandchildren. My paternal grandmother, Greta, also worked in local factories while caring for her family.

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SAS and R Integration for Machine Learning

SAS Viya is a cloud-enabled, in-memory analytics engine which allows for rapid analytics insights. Viya utilizes the SAS Cloud Analytics Services (CAS) to perform various actions and tasks. Best of all, CAS is accessible from various interfaces including R. In this blog, I will go through a few blocks one of my notebooks, which moves through an analytics workflow using R and SAS.

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