Udo Sglavo

As Director of Forecasting R&D at SAS, Udo Sglavo heads up a team of statisticians and midtier developers working on the award-winning software for large-scale automatic forecasting called SAS Forecast Server. Sglavo helps to define the specifics of the forecasting product portfolio at SAS and the integration of forecasting technology into solutions and visualization products. He enjoys public speaking and talking to customers about how to apply analytics to solve business problems. Prior to SAS, he spent more than five years providing and consuming advanced analytical content and solutions to enterprises ranging from Fortune 500 companies to Internet startups. He received his diploma in mathematics from the University of Applied Sciences in Darmstadt, Germany. Sglavo is also a member of the practitioner advisory board of Foresight magazine, published by the International Institute of Forecasters. In 2010 he received the SAS CEO Award of Excellence.