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Since 2014, the Operations Research Blog has covered a broad range of topics related to real applications of operations research.  Paraphrasing Principal Product Manager for Optimization Ed Hughes' first post - this blog covered how OR methods could be applied to organizational and business planning problems as well as our individual lives. It demonstrated how other SAS analytical products, business intelligence, and reporting capabilities interact with and enhance operations research techniques.  Topics covered everything from computing an optimal blackjack strategy with SAS/OR to improving hidden Markov models with black-box optimization.

Life moves on and so are we

The term data science isn’t new, but it's gotten more and more press over the last several years. As developing methods to handle big data became more important, so did the prominence of data science. Data science encompasses mathematicians, statisticians, computer scientists, and many other related fields. The SAS Data Science Blog evolved from discussing trends that drove innovation and challenges that expanded the boundaries of what we thought was possible to one that features the perspectives of SAS data scientists as they share the technical methods used to solve many of the challenging problems facing organizations today.

While data scientists typically are concerned with machine learning techniques such as supervised and unsupervised learning, many realized that broadening their horizon helps them address business challenges as well. We believe that an advanced analytics ecosystem must feature optimization capabilities at SAS, or it is not complete. In particular, in times of COVID-19 and its specific challenges, it has become clear that optimization techniques are fundamental for data scientists.

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You will still be able to access all our previous posts. Look for new operations research posts and the different ways optimization can be used with SAS Viya at our new home. We hope you will join us on the SAS Data Science blog site to discover how operations research will move forward helping data scientists in the future.


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Udo Sglavo

Vice President, Applied AI and Modeling R&D, SAS

Udo leads Applied Artificial Intelligence and Modeling Research and Development at SAS. With a 25-year track record of fostering technology innovation and excellence, Udo heads a team of expert developers and data scientists dedicated to pioneering cutting-edge software and leveraging advanced models to transform the way the world works. By imagining and building the next generation of AI-driven models and software solutions, Udo helps organizations harness the power of data and analytics to solve their toughest  business challenges and outpace the world around them.​ Udo’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of what AI can achieve has earned him recognition as a global thought leader shaping the future of technology. In addition, Udo has written three publications and holds four patents in advanced analytics.

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