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¿Cómo enfrentar la recesión a partir de los datos?

En situaciones donde la reducción de costos es un imperativo y las empresas carecen de presupuestos óptimos, los datos se vuelven aún más importantes de lo que eran antes de una recesión de datos. Priorizar libera resultados reales, y analizar la información de manera correcta se convierte en un punto clave. Determinar y definir qué clientes tienen mayor probabilidad

Analytics | Customer Intelligence
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Retailers: is your customer experience strategy working?

Smart retailers know that omnichannel customer experience isn't just about marketing anymore.  It’s about bridging all your digital and physical channels to recognize customers wherever they are, collecting data and understanding the retail customer’s purchasing journey. By taking customer data, product data, and supply chain data - and applying predictive and prescriptive

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How analytically driven decisions can help retailers get the right size to the customer

In my previous blog post, I talked about how both retailers and consumers can benefit from applications of artificial intelligence and discussed some compelling use cases. I would like to take this post a step further and delve into a particular bugbear of mine: the struggle to find the right size. In

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Machine learning to (re)learn about the consumer's genome

An interview with Gaetano Giannetto, CEO of Epipoli/Groupalia Transparency and quality of algorithms will form the basis of a new alliance and a new balance between companies and their customers. “Data intelligence becomes a competitive advantage only if you’re able to use it,” according to Gaetano Giannetto, CEO of Epipoli,

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4 guiding principles on how to execute on your digitised business strategy – Part 2

Rethink the way you run your business Irrespective of which digital business model works for your organisation, there are four guiding principles that you should adhere to as you execute on your digitised business strategy: Provide seamless, compelling and engaging customer experiences Optimise processes and improve employee experiences to deliver

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Kundennähe, Spezialisierung und Wandel: Warum beim Marketing von Banken vor allem das Nutzererlebnis zählt

Das Banking verändert sich zunehmend. Das gilt ganz besonders für das Marketing. Anja Stolz, CMO bei der Commerzbank in Frankfurt, gibt im Interview einen Einblick in die Rolle des CMO bei diesem Transformationsprozess. Außerdem erklärt sie, wie wichtig die Customer Experience inzwischen als Marketing-Tool ist. Frau Stolz, welche Trends werden

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Puntare sulla customer experience per fidelizzare i clienti

Una customer experience personalizzata in real-time è fattore trainante per le revenue. Per questo motivo, la maggior parte delle aziende sta cercando di raggiungere questo risultato. Fornire un’eccellente customer experience (CX) non è una novità assoluta; è sempre stata la base più affidabile del business. La vera novità è rappresentata

Analytics | Customer Intelligence
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Customers are no longer loyal to brands, but to the best customer experience they can get 

Conveying an individualized customer experience in real-time drives income today. Be that as it may, most organizations are attempting to get this right. As everybody knows, giving extraordinary customer experience (CX) is not an absolute novelty; it has dependably been the bedrock of business. What is new is that the

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