Richard Widdowson
Vice President, Global Retail & CPG Solutions

Richard Widdowson is the Vice President of Global Retail and Consumer Goods Solutions for SAS. In this role, he guides retailers and consumer goods companies along their digital transformation journey, using analytics to turn a world of data into a world of intelligence. Widdowson has 25 years of leadership within multi-retail environments, including mass merchants, grocery stores, national chain drug stores, and department stores. While working in the UK, US, and Canada and overseeing operations in 14 countries, he has led technology implementations and business transformations using Oracle, JDA, IBM, and SAS to improve processes and efficiencies, resulting in significant top and bottom-line increases.

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Unwrapping holiday season success: Securing customer satisfaction with a transparent supply chain

As the holiday season approaches, businesses may be bracing for what’s been all too common in recent years – supply chain disruption. Retail and consumer goods industries have been hit with disruptions from every direction: profound shifts in consumer preferences, materials shortages, weather events, and geopolitical activities, to name just