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Artificial Intelligence
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AI and trust

Andy Dufresne, the wrongly convicted character in The Shawshank Redemption, provocatively asks the prison guard early in the film: “Do you trust your wife?” It’s a dead serious question regarding avoiding taxes on a recent financial windfall that had come the guard's way, and leads to events that eventually win

Analytics | Machine Learning
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Künstliche Intelligenz braucht Interpretierbarkeit, Nachvollziehbarkeit und Kommunikation

Wahrscheinlich schreibt Richard David Precht gerade an einem Buch über künstliche Intelligenz – und es wäre wirklich nicht schlecht, wenn sich möglichst viele Menschen so genau wie möglich über dieses Thema informieren könnten, ohne selbst Spezialist sein zu müssen. Denn, das ist 2017 bereits klar geworden, künstliche Intelligenz betrifft uns

Advanced Analytics | Artificial Intelligence | Machine Learning
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Dutch Data Science, part 4: Rijkswaterstaat RWS

The fourth edition of the series brings me to Rijkswaterstaat, the Dutch government agency responsible for the main connecting infrastructure in the Netherlands (roads, bridges, waterways and water systems). I talked with Bas van Essen who’s responsible for RWS Datalab, the big data lab within Rijkswaterstaat (RWS). Company Overview RWS

Advanced Analytics | Artificial Intelligence | Students & Educators
Josefin Rosén 0
Can education prepare for data science ethical considerations?

There is general agreement that artificial intelligence (AI), data science and analytics have potential to change the world. AI is transforming our society already, and although I see tremendous potential in AI there are pitfalls and important ethical implications that needs to be considered. Science and ethics: Shades of grey

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