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Forecasting tender demand

When I talk to companies on how to improve their forecasting process they often share their difficulties with handling demand from potential large orders, where they are in a tender situation. Further, demand originating from tenders is increasing. Tender demand have characteristics which makes it difficult to handle in traditional

Advanced Analytics | Analytics
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Results-as-a-Service - Aussagekräftige Analysen für alle!

In seinem Buch „Competing on Analytics“ benennt Tom Davenport die Analytik als Grundlage nachhaltiger Wettbewerbsvorteile. Der Grund dafür ist der prädiktive Ansatz. Heutzutage ist es nicht mehr möglich, ein Unternehmen alleine mit Blick in den Rückspiegel zum Erfolg zu führen. Und Analytik erlaubt den dringend erforderlichen Blick in die Zukunft.

Learn SAS
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How my SAS Press book was born

This guest blog post comes from Dr. David Dickey, one of our original SAS Press authors. Hope you enjoy! In the late 1970s, shortly after SAS was founded, I was approached by Herbert Kirk and John  Brocklebank from SAS to put together a course on time series.  This was reasonably

Machine Learning
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What’s new with machine learning?

Machine learning is all about automating the development process for analytical models. One way to extend the use of machine learning is to broaden your library of machine learning algorithms. Another way is to scale your machine learning process by reducing the time required to process machine learning algorithms on

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