The holiday season has arrived, culminating in celebrations across various cultures. It will be a time of creating a memorable feast that brings family and friends together at the dinner table.

No matter what you’re celebrating this holiday season, food will be a part of the equation, including a complex combination of snacks, appetizers, main courses and desserts that take multiple ingredients and many hours to prepare to achieve a perfect flavor and taste.

Arriving at this outcome includes heading to the grocery store, navigating through long lines, preparing and hoping that what you need is in stock. Mastering the process ensures your holiday celebration runs smoothly while guests are cared for.

Much like orchestrating a holiday dinner, building models and getting answers from your data is also a process that leads to answers and clarity. That’s why SAS® Model Manager and SAS Intelligent Decisioning are the perfect pairing to help organizations uncover insights, stay competitive and thrive in a changing world.

Here’s how.

1. Most models never make it to production

Imagine dreaming of the perfect holiday dinner but never cooking it because you lack culinary knowledge. This is akin to the dilemma many organizations face: They possess copious amounts of data and data models but never turn them into decisions, thereby eliminating any return on their investment.

The right approach means having solutions that collect more than just data, surfacing insights and creating decisions. For SAS customers, that means developing, governing and monitoring the performance of the models with SAS Model Manager and integrating them into SAS Intelligent Decisioning, where features such as business rules and decision trees help create the necessary criteria for business logic. The whole decision flow can then be deployed to various production environments in a click, where it will return actionable results.

You’d never help yourself to mashed potatoes without getting some gravy, would you?

2. Teamwork makes the dream work

More data than ever is created today, touching all aspects of the business. While leaving data to the data scientists and analysts may seem prudent, the reality is that placing such work in silos prevents collaboration and the sharing of unique perspectives.

In our five decades of developing analytics software, we’ve adopted the philosophy that analytics should be for everyone, including business users. You can govern and monitor models and uncover decisions in SAS Model Manager and SAS Intelligent Decisioning through code or simple drag-and-drop actions.

This collaborative approach helps drive the business forward with minimal friction, like following a straightforward turkey and stuffing recipe.

3. Part of a complete analytics life cycle

Just as a meal would only be complete with a holiday ham, decadent finger foods or a warm mug of eggnog, an analytics strategy is only adequate with all its essential components. Unfortunately, many organizations today focus only on collecting data, not asking the right questions, or relying on a few sources.

SAS Model Manager and SAS Intelligent Decisioning are important parts of SAS’ analytics life cycle, which includes software to help with data preparation and visualization. With our suite of software tools, you can complete your analytics strategy and move your business forward.

It’s like enjoying a complete holiday meal with perfectly paired food and drinks that leave your guests craving seconds.

SAS analytics solutions work together like peas and carrots

As you put together your holiday feast this season, consider how it might mirror your analytics strategy. Whether it’s the pairing of shepherd’s pie and pumpkin pie or SAS Model Manager and SAS Intelligent Decisioning, they all work together to help you find a complete meal or picture of your business. Bon Appetit – and have fun searching for the answers!


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Albert Qian is a Product Marketing Manager focused on technology partnerships at SAS Institute, focusing on the value of integration for uncovering business insights and decision-making. Located in Silicon Valley, Albert has been around technology his entire life and enjoys telling the story of its transformative power in all aspects of life.

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