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New Features in SAS 9.40M5 - Gradient fills

ODS Graphics procedures primarily strive towards the following goal:  "Make simple graphs easy and complex graphs possible".   SGPLOT procedure allows you create simple graphs with a single plot statement, and create complex graphs by layering together or combining multiple plot statements.  Generally, the appearance follows the guidelines set by industry

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An introduction to SAS Visual Analytics: the Parallel Period function of the Derived Item calculations

My new SAS Press book “An Introduction to SAS Visual Analytics” (written in collaboration with Tricia Aanderud and Rob Collum) covers all of the different aspects of SAS® Visual Analytics, including how to develop reports, load data, and handle administration. Below is an example of the types of tips that you can find

Data Visualization | Learn SAS | Programming Tips
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New features with SAS 9.40 M5

SAS 9.4 maintenance release 5 was released on Sept 19, 2017.  This release includes many new items including integration with SAS Viya and SAS Studio, a web application for SAS development.  Also Included with this release are some cool new features in the graphics domain, some of which were requested

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Getting started with SGPLOT - Part 8 - Horizontal HighLow Plot

On a recent visit to an In-House Users Group meeting at a Pharmaceutical company, I presented a 1/2 day seminar on creating Clinical Graphs using SG Procedures.  Polling the audience for their experience with these procedures indicated that many SAS users are not familiar with these new ways to create graphs. So,

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Education analytics: The benefits of using data visualization and analytics

For our third installment in this blog post series, let’s continue our journey to learn more from three SAS education customers. Today, we'll hear about the benefits their users and institutions have received by using SAS for data visualization and analytics. In this post, you'll hear from: Linda Sullivan, Assistant Vice President

Data Visualization
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Stock chart

In the previous article on Getting Started with Vertical HighLow Plot, I described how we can use the HighLow plot to display the stock price by date.  The HighLow plot is specifically designed for such use cases as shown below. The data is downloaded from the Nasdaq web site, and

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Algorithmic marketing attribution and conversion journey analysis [Part 3]

In Part 1 and Part 2 of this blog posting series, we discussed: Our current viewpoints on marketing attribution and conversion journey analysis in 2017. The selection criteria of the best measurement approach. Introduced our vision on handling marketing attribution and conversion journey analysis. We would like to conclude this

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Blogparade: MyParadise Found – Finden Sie Ihr persönliches Paradies!

Blogparade startet: Vor Kurzem wurde ja bereits der analytisch beste Ort der Welt gefunden und gekürt. Dazu hat SAS aus fast 150.000 Orten in rund 200 Ländern jede Menge Daten gesammelt und mit modernsten Machine-Learning-Verfahren ausgewertet. Rund 100 sogenannte Prädiktoren, also mögliche Einflussgrößen auf „paradiesische“ Verhältnisse, spuckten West Perth aus

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#Schönwetterfahrer – oder was man im Urlaub über Datenvisualisierung lernen kann

Datenvisualisierung – Manchmal braucht man einfach extrinsische Motivationsfaktoren, um andere Wege zu gehen. Die Zweiradreisenden unter uns kennen und schätzen die besondere Art der Fortbewegung (ohne Blechdach) mit all ihren Vor- und Nachteilen. Eine begrenzte Gepäckkapazität, fehlende Klimatisierung, größere Unfallgefahr usw. sind Faktoren, mit denen man dabei leben muss. Was

Data Visualization | Learn SAS
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The path of zip codes

Toe bone connected to the foot bone, Foot bone connected to the leg bone, Leg bone connected to the knee bone,...              — American Spiritual, "Dem Bones" Last week I read an interesting article on Robert Kosara's data visualization blog. Kosara connected the geographic centers of the US zip codes in

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