Cindy Wang
Development Testing Manager

Cindy Wang is a manager at SAS Beijing R&D. She leads her team in ensuring the software quality of SAS® Business Intelligence and SAS® Visual Analytics products. Her expertise includes data visualization, business intelligence and visual analytics. A problem solver, Cindy has rich experience in business analytical applications and technical support. Passionate about educating the next generation of SAS users, she has delivered several very well-received educational lectures on visual analytics at Peking University and Tsinghua University.

Data Visualization
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How to Visualize Time Series Decomposition using SAS® Visual Analytics

Time-series decomposition is an important technique for time series analysis, especially for seasonal adjustment and trend strength measurement. Decomposition deconstructs a time series into several components, with each representing a certain pattern or characteristic. This post shows you how to use SAS® Visual Analytics to visually show the decomposition of

Data Visualization | Learn SAS
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Visualizing kernel density estimates in SAS Visual Analytics

Visualization of data density estimation, which is often used in statistical analysis and machine learning, will show the data’s characteristics like distribution, skewness and modality, etc. Commonly-used data density visualizations include boxplot, histogram, kernel density estimates, and some other plots. This blog post visualizes the kernel density estimates superimposing on histogram using SAS Visual Analytics.