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Rick Wicklin 0
Influential observations in a linear regression model: The DFFITS and Cook's D statistics

A previous article describes the DFBETAS statistics for detecting influential observations, where "influential" means that if you delete the observation and refit the model, the estimates for the regression coefficients change substantially. Of course, there are other statistics that you could use to measure influence. Two popular ones are the

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Gregor Herrmann 0
So klappt’s mit der Migration von Business Intelligence & Co.

Business Intelligence (BI) begleitet uns schon seit geraumer Zeit – und zwar in ganz unterschiedlichen Ausprägungen. Und das Thema wird immer wichtiger und verändert sich im gleichen Maße, wie Unternehmen den Wert datengetriebener Entscheidungen erkennen. Damals und heute BI war in „jungen Jahren“ geprägt von teuren, komplexen Systemen, die sich

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Suneel Grover 0
SAS Customer Intelligence 360: Factorization machines, visual analytics, and personalized marketing [Part 2]

Competition in customer experience management has never been as challenging as it is now. Customers spend more money in aggregate, but less per brand. The average size of a single purchase has decreased, partly because competitive offers are just one click away. Predicting offer relevance to potential (and existing) customers plays a

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Georgia Mariani 0
The impact of data governance and analytics: An interview with the U. of Idaho

What's the impact of using data governance and analytics for the business side of education? It's an interesting question, and during a video interview, Dale Pietrzak, Ed.D., Director of Institutional Effectiveness and Accreditation (IEA) at the University of Idaho shared details on the results they're realizing from using SAS for data

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