Vanessa Hurhangee

Vanessa Hurhangee is an Analytics professional within the SAS UK Customer Advisory team. She has spent over 8 years at SAS, starting as trainer in the Education Team covering a range of SAS products. She has worked across a number of verticals and is currently focussed on the retail sector, enabling customers to gain greater value from their analytical ecosystem to support business decisions. She has a keen interest in SAS Analytics and Intelligent Decisioning and has written a number of articles looking at how it can be used to help customers deliver informed and personalised decisions swiftly. Prior to SAS she worked in a number of public sector organisations in a variety of roles, and continues to passionately engage in this area and her local community through her role as a local councillor.

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An Introduction to SAS for Containers

Having trouble easily moving software from one environment to another? Surely this ought to be an uncomplicated process, especially in the modern age of technology! However, let us consider an analytical model built in a design environment to detect fraudulent credit card transactions. This is now ready to be rolled