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Understanding AI governance

AI governance is an all-encompassing strategy that establishes oversight, ensures compliance and develops consistent operations and infrastructure within an organization. It also fosters a human-centric culture.   This strategy includes specific governance domains such as data governance and model governance, necessary for a unified AI approach. Why AI governance matters  The

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Data observability generates benefits well beyond migration management

My recent work has focused heavily on migration, especially onto the SAS Viya platform and cloud more generally. Rather unexpectedly during this process, we have found that data observability is becoming increasingly important to customers. They start simply by looking at tracing files, but soon find that it has a

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5 tips for implementing a data and analytics culture in higher education

Building a data and analytics culture in higher education means equipping key stakeholders with the skills necessary to analyze and leverage insights extracted from data. Doing so can drive faster, more accurate decision-making. When I hear “data and analytics culture,” I immediately think of the work Jason Simon and his team

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Data governance: The renewed imperative for digital financial institutions

New and more prescriptive privacy and other data-related regulations are elevating data governance to a strategic asset for organizations in all sectors. Data governance can no longer remain confined to a back-end IT operation. As the data-rich financial services sector is now moving fast towards more profound digitization of financial

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The impact of data governance and analytics: An interview with the U. of Idaho

What's the impact of using data governance and analytics for the business side of education? It's an interesting question, and during a video interview, Dale Pietrzak, Ed.D.,Former Director of Institutional Effectiveness and Accreditation (IEA) at the University of Idaho shared details on the results they're realizing from using SAS for

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Wie sieht’s eigentlich aus in Sachen IFRS-9-Implementierung?

Dass IFRS 9 spürbare Herausforderungen im Hinblick auf die Implementierung bringen würde, war von Anfang an klar. Neben den technischen Hürden haben sich Banken schon in einem sehr frühen Stadium den strengen Prüfungen durch Regulatoren, Investoren und Rating-Agenturen, Aufsichtsräten sowie externen und internen Prüfern stellen müssen. Doch verantwortungsbewusste und weitsichtige

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