The impact of data governance and analytics: An interview with the U. of Idaho


What's the impact of using data governance and analytics for the business side of education?

It's an interesting question, and during a video interview, Dale Pietrzak, Ed.D.,Former Director of Institutional Effectiveness and Accreditation (IEA) at the University of Idaho shared details on the results they're realizing from using SAS for data governance and analytics. It's exciting to see they progress they've made since my previous blog post. Using a range of self-service dashboards, their administrators now have access to insight-rich trend data on enrollment, admissions, student performance and more – tangible information to drive proactive decision making.

The importance of data governance


A positive reaction from users and leadership

According to Pietrzak, the reaction has been positive.



Pietrzak shares two examples of the impact. First, they've seen improvements to remediation as the data has allowed them to focus their remediation efforts on students who are most likely to respond to help. Secondly, they've seen improvements in recruitment because they can better determine where and how to target more need-based financial aid.


More sophisticated analyses

Pietrzak shares how the analyses they do has changed now that their audience is asking more sophisticated questions of the data.


Advice for those embarking on an analytics journey

Now that the IEA team has achieved such positive results, Pietrzak has some insights and advice for those just starting their analytics journey.


Today, university officials face greater accountability and fiercer competition for students, increasing their reliance on data and analytics to anticipate the future and respond proactively to changing trends. The IEA team at University of Idaho is well positioned to help their university officials access insight-rich institutional data to address these challenges.

Watch the rest of Dale Pietrzak’s video interview and read their success story for learn more about their analytics journey.

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