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Will the decline in the high-end smartphone market offer a ray of hope to telcos?

Could cheaper, entry-level smartphones offer some respite to telecommunication companies, reducing their losses due to unscrupulous customers? For the first time in seven years, Apple has been knocked off the #2 spot for worldwide smartphone sales by Chinese colossus Huawei. The Q2 2018 figures come from IDC, illustrating the high-end

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Errors, anomalies and fraud in the purchase process

The most efficient organizations focus on process management. They use enterprise resource management platforms to provide functional and technical support, and organizational integration to optimize the most critical processes. Organizations can even be managed using a functional process orientation that crosses organizational silos and maintains the traceability of transactions. These

Analytics | Fraud & Security Intelligence
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The fight against fraud: the importance of analytics

The fight against fraud has to be at all levels, and use all possible means available to the organization. However, it is important to distinguish between political, organizational and technical means. Persuading states to organize themselves better to facilitate exchange of information between administrations can be decisive, even with the

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SAS® Visual Investigator – the new dimension of use of advanced SAS analytics

Today, fraud detection in the areas of financial services, citizen services and national security is becoming an increasingly relevant challenge for both private organisations and government agencies. The ubiquity of the internet, the e‑commerce boom and growing volumes of data processed in clouds necessitate the implementation of advanced IT tools.

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Four-step approach to government fraud detection

Every day there are news stories of fraud perpetrated against federal government programs. Topping the list are Medicaid and Medicare schemes which costs taxpayers an estimated $100 billion a year. Fraud also is rampant in other important federal programs, including unemployment and disability benefits,  health care, food stamps, tax collection,

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Is predictive analytics misguiding your fraud detection efforts?

When it comes to fraud detection and risk mitigation, predictive modeling has earned a reputation as the “heavy hitter” in the realm of data analytics.  As our celebration of International Fraud Awareness Week continues, I would challenge our readers to ask themselves this question, “Is the reliance upon predictive analytics

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The value of outside information

Most health care organizations either intentionally or due to some inability don’t use outside information (not just referals) in their search for fraud.  There are great numbers of valid reasons for this: HIPAA, security, usable/current data sources, inflexible information systems or processes, restrictive compliance & IT departments, and the list

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