SAS® Visual Investigator – the new dimension of use of advanced SAS analytics


Today, fraud detection in the areas of financial services, citizen services and national security is becoming an increasingly relevant challenge for both private organisations and government agencies. The ubiquity of the internet, the e‑commerce boom and growing volumes of data processed in clouds necessitate the implementation of advanced IT tools.

SAS® Visual Investigator is a fraud detection and incident management platform that combines large, disparate, structured and unstructured data sources. Users can run and monitor investigations, define, extract and manage alerts, and make the analysis results available to defined customers while customising the platform to meet their individual and organizational needs.

Fraud Detection

The embedded data visualisation includes Node Link Diagrams (NLDs), text search, advanced data filtration and interactive working areas for each analysis area. These are only examples of functionalities that, coupled with a high ROI, make it a highly recommended solution.

With SAS® Visual Investigator, analysts – on the basis of pre-defined alerts, rules and data consolidated in a single view – are able to uncover hidden links and behaviours as they are immediately visualised to provide better insight into areas of possible irregularities. Furthermore, the results of pending investigations can be immediately made available to other members of analytic teams.

Fraud Detection

SAS® Visual Investigator is an analytic platform dedicated to banks and other financial institutions dealing with fraud and money laundering detection, national security agencies responsible for detection of terrorism and other criminal activity, law firms involved in detecting frauds, and other public agencies responsible for crime prevention.

More information about SAS® Visual Investigator is available here.


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