4 ways to make better, faster decisions with enterprise decision management from SAS Viya on Azure


It’s a hard time to be a decision maker. Unexpected externalities like global pandemics, natural disasters and climate change make it harder to predict – and react to – everyday events. And that’s not just true for the world around us. The organizations we work within are more complex than ever, too.

The volume of communications and channels where we must meet customers and employees has grown exponentially – demanding our attention and reducing our focus. Not to mention added organizational complexity blurring the lines of roles and responsibilities according to geography, product and function.

Gaining control of such complexity requires rapid, streamlined and agile decision making. Technology that enables decision making needs to identify problems and take corrective action in real time to move quickly from questions to decisions.

SAS and Microsoft empower you to make better, faster decisions with unique enterprise decision management with SAS Intelligent Decisioning and Microsoft Power Automate using the SAS Decisioning connector – giving you the ability to design, deploy and manage automated decisions to improve the customer, employee and partner experience.

Enterprise decision management from SAS and Microsoft allows you to automate with a deliberate focus on decisions. You can combine business rules management with digital process automation and ModelOps, including model management and analytics, to accelerate the decision making process.

Together, Intelligent Decisioning and Power Automate unlock a breadth of use cases across the enterprise, including:

  • Insurance: Claims processing. Improve customer satisfaction and process claims faster. Receive insurance claims via Microsoft Power Apps and use Microsoft Power Automate to seamlessly ingest the claim into SAS Intelligent Decisioning. Using neural network models, SAS Intelligent Decisioning can analyze images of damage and compare with policies. If more information is required, Power Automate can trigger a flow to connect with a representative in Dynamics 365 Omnichannel for Customer Service. Once the decision is rendered, Power Automate can trigger process flows to notify the customer and deposit money into the bank account on file.
  • Retail/Banking: Fraud detection. Enable more secure transactions, reduce losses due to fraud and improve customer trust in your organization. SAS Intelligent Decisioning can identify fraudulent purchases and determine an appropriate course of action based on the level of confidence that a purchase is fraudulent. Power Automate can trigger automated reactions like alerting associated parties, denying a purchase at the point of sale, alerting the vendor, or sending notifications to the card holder.
  • Retail: Contextual Marketing. Increase marketing influence and become more customer centric by curating relevant and timely offers based on individual preferences. Use SAS Intelligent Decisioning to build a profile of tastes and preferences via geolocation, recommendation engines and market basket analysis. Use this profile to trigger Power Automate flows to send specific offers that align with important events, like birthdays or anniversaries, and send emails or push notifications to customers with unique, context-specific offers.
  • Banking: Credit decisioning. Reduce lender risk, improve decisioning response times and increase your bottom line. Build risk profiles in SAS Intelligent Decisioning by creating score cards and decision tables based off external data points, such as credit score, that assign each customer a risk rating. Use risk ratings to render decisions like home equity and line of credit approvals, and determine the loan amount. Once a decision has been made Power Automate flows can be used to communicate the loan amount to the customer and help them complete the loan agreement.

To see how SAS Intelligent Decisioning and Microsoft Power Automate work in action, check out the demo below:

To learn more about what SAS Intelligent Decisioning and Microsoft Power Automate can help you achieve, visit sas.com/microsoft.


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