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Meeting citizens’ expectations: How AI can help governments

Adopting analytics and AI in the public sector is changing how governments make decisions. Technology improves the efficiency and transparency of work processes, positively impacting service delivery to increasingly demanding citizens. However, many government organizations still need help fully embracing a data-driven culture. The Covid-19 pandemic is one of the

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Media continues to be a generations game

In the ever-evolving landscape of media, understanding how different generations consume content is crucial. Deloitte's report on Digital Media Trends 2023 sheds light on these generational disparities, highlighting a clear shift towards online experiences among younger audiences. This trend presents both challenges and opportunities for businesses, as they grapple with how

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How to make informed choices: Build vs. buy decisioning systems

In today’s world of financial services, a well-crafted decisioning system is paramount, whether you're dealing with credit risk, fraud prevention, financial compliance, or any other critical aspect.  Occasionally, financial services organizations decide whether to buy a risk decisioning system or build one using in-house resources.   This quandary demands careful consideration

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