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Sustainable banking - the economic dimension

The banking sector, as one of the cornerstone industries, has a significant role to play in our planet's future sustainability. Customers are saying that it's the right thing to do, suppliers are coming on board and staff members are engaged. Shareholders have also recently added their voices, understanding that the

Jonathan Hornby 0
Top 2 commandments of analytics

Interesting article in this quarters sascom magazine by Jeff Ma – the guy behind “bringing down the house” and the movie “21”. After explaining how he felt the power of analytics and statistics was not unlike believing in God, he shared 2 stories where that faith was put to the

Rachel Alt-Simmons 2
Feeling lonely? Hug a SUG!!

If I think back to the training, education and networking opportunities in my business intelligence and analytics career that have made the most difference, SAS user groups (SUG) stand out. As a new user to SAS many moons ago local, regional and international groups helped me develop skills that I

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