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Risk Management
Leo Sadovy 3
How Certain is that Number in the Window

My introduction to the issue of risk in business decision making came rather abruptly and rudely during what I thought was going to be another routine quarterly business review with the executive committee. My particular agenda item was to present the business case for a “lite” version of one of

Risk Management
Leo Sadovy 7
How much, How soon, How certain

The best business book I’ve ever read (or at least the best by someone not named “Drucker”) has been “Competing on Value” by Mack Hanan and Peter Karp. Not trendy or full of consultant-speak buzzwords, first published in 1991, it’s simple, direct approach has stood the test of time, even

Kristine Vick 1
Planning for the KDD data mining event

Several of us at SAS are gearing up for the 16th annual ACM SIGKDD conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining. If you are not familiar with this, it is the premier international forum for data mining researchers and practitioners from academia, industry, and government to share their ideas, research

Alison Bolen 0
Bringing the future to the present

~ Contributed by Jens Olivarius ~ Wednesday at The Premier Business Leadership Series in Berlin, Futurist Thornton May challenged a group of international business executives with this question: Has the way people think about analytics changed over time? The response was a resounding yes, but for several different reasons. Yes,

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