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A monster of a success was the pioneer in the online recruitment industry. To maintain its competitive advantage more than a decade later, the company has taken the data-driven road using research, business intelligence and predictive analytics. Jean-Paul Isson, Vice President of Global BI and Predictive Analytics at Monster Worldwide spoke today about how

Kelly Levoyer 0
Ten steps to business analytics

At the Premier Business Leadership Series today, Paul Arsego of Northeast Utilities offered up these ten steps to advancing business analytics adoption – to a packed house of attendees. Given the standing room only for his presentation – and the attendance at this conference -- it seems that people are

Anne Milley 2
The human element of business analytics

I recommend the book Business Analytics for Managers: Taking Business Intelligence Beyond Reporting for managers who want a strategic view on what it takes to create ongoing value from data. To tap into more of the strategic thinking in this book, I asked authors Gert Laursen and Jesper Thorlund a

Customer Intelligence
Waynette Tubbs 0
Banks: Bringing back the hometown feel

I’m attending a Bank Administration Institute (BAI) event in Las Vegas this week. BAI is well-respected for its research, professional development and networking opportunities for banks and banking professionals. The conference, BAI Retail Delivery, is primarily attended by community banks and large regionals, but the topics are anything but colloquial.

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